Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

qGallery: Prototype gallery application

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Sebastian Brink has developed a nice looking gallery application called qGallery

It is really simple to use you just have to upload your images in full resolution together with a simple xml file and include the script and a simple div into the webpage. Everything else is done automatically. The gallery is creating every used image on the fly with the help of some php scripts in the background.

It is developed on top of Prototype and a bunch of other libraries.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:15 am

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Yeah real nice until you get more than 20 users a day and your webhost comes complaining to you that your cool image gallery uses too much processing power. How about some caching? It should take no more than 5 lines of code, and *WHY* would you want to generate thumbnails over and over again every time?

Comment by SchizoDuckie — April 3, 2008

Thumbnails are not generated over and over again, the subnails are only generated when a image set is opend for the first time and stored in a cache dir on the server – after this everything comes from the cache…

this includes the skimmer graphics and the images for the lightbox view (different version for differnt user screen resolutions are created).

the scipt calls some php functions and then the function checks for a version of the image in the cache – if one is there the cache version gets deliverd…

Comment by Y3t1 — April 3, 2008

and please notice – the scripts are still in beta and there is some stuff and browser optimization missing.

Comment by Y3t1 — April 3, 2008


Don’t worry about SchizoDuckie’s comments. I bet he’d never be able to create anything half as cool as your excellent image gallery.
I too have recently been working on an online image gallery app – – aimed at helping people manage their mobile phone photos, and I know how challenging it can be to get it working well in lots of browsers. Mine was done in jquery – an excellent lightweight alternative to prototype.
Congrats on one of the best image galleries I have come across.

Comment by ajk47 — April 3, 2008

My bad Y3t1, the text of the article made it look like you have no caching whatsoever implemented. In that case, i give a full thumbs up :)

As for ajk47’s direct flame: :’)

Comment by SchizoDuckie — April 3, 2008

No problem and I don’t want to sound harsh or something. It’s just because my english is not the best ;)

And ajk47 that’s a nice gallery aswell :) I’ve never worked on stuff with mobile phones, nice idea! Also I’ve never worked with jquery, I think I give it a try for some other stuff. At the moment the scripts for the gallery are 54kb, packaged on the fly – with cache ;) I think that’s quite okay.

Comment by Y3t1 — April 3, 2008

JQuery makes programming in javascript a joy. Once you have used it, you won’t want to use any other JS framework again.

Comment by ajk47 — April 3, 2008

It doesn’t seem to work with IE7, with debugging turned on anyway.

Line 7804, something to do with navigator.language.

Works nicely in FireFox.

Comment by kim3er — April 3, 2008

@Sebastian Brink – Fantastic job!!! This is pretty slick, I totally dig the little touches with the slide bar gui and the reflections.

@ajk47: -1 for the framework plug :P
If I had to bet, most devs are very happy with the frameworks they are currently using, whatever they may be. I know I am at least :)

Comment by jdalton — April 3, 2008

Well isn’t that sweet. Ya’ll three should get a room… ;)

Comment by Carbon43 — April 3, 2008

What hostility here… I really liked it, and thanks for sharing. I’m happy that you figured it out on your own, because you must have learned a lot along the way. Good job :)

Comment by Chad — April 4, 2008

Very, very nice. It’s good to see someone developing some cool stuff for Prototype. Thanks for sharing and great job.

Comment by jdenton — April 4, 2008

I have to say, that’s a nice looking script.

Comment by fumiNET — April 4, 2008

Nice… reminds me of .mac gallery. I’m wondering what your plans are for sharing the code? Are you planning on making it open source, a paid product, or ?

Comment by AgentG — April 5, 2008

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