Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

qooxdoo 0.6.2 Released

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qooxdoo has a new release that adds support for Webkit.

As mentioned above and already announced in our developer blog, qooxdoo now includes support for WebKit. We expect to fully support the next major version Safari 3.0 which will be based on the current development of WebKit. There is only limited support for Safari in its current version 2.0.4, though. Reason is, that Safari 2.0 still has many bugs that can hardly be worked around. Luckily, many of those bugs are already fixed in the nightly builds of WebKit. Besides the various bugs, Safari 2.0’s JavaScript engine and its execution speed is not competitive with respect to the latest versions of the other major browsers (Firefox 2.0, IE7, Opera 9). Good news is, that the current builds of WebKit are tremendeously faster than Safari 2.0, approximately by a factor of 7-8 for a typical qooxdoo demo.

Check out the release notes for full details on changes in this release.

Some of them are:

  • Made qooxdoo completely XHTML compatible. Replaced all uppercase tag names with their lowercase variant.
  • Improved NativeWindow to support the querying of the load state. Added events for “load” and “close”.
  • Modified XmlHttpRequest and related APIs to respect the latest suggestions from Microsoft.
  • Added IframeManager to manage visible iframes in order to protect the application events of the “surrounding” document from getting interrupted while switching document context (particularly drag & drop over embedded iframes)
  • Added Resizer widget to allow of customization regarding the dimensions of any widget by the user.

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Wow, finally. Webkit support is great.

Comment by God — November 23, 2006

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