Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Quality Unit: Dojo based support center

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Viktor Zeman, of Quality Unit, has created Support Center, a support ticket application based on Dojo.

In fact, they have extended Dojo to deal with problems such as:

  • Upload files in the background
  • Asynchronnous requests
  • Packaging of classes
  • Templates
  • Services

They plan to publish this work. Support Center itself bears a little resemblance to Google Reader and company.

Quality Agent Support Center

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:24 am

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I’d like to see kind of a “data’s being loaded”-status message because actions take more than 1 second until you can see some progress on the website (maybe just move the “loading….”-box from the top right corner to the center?)

anyway: well done ;-)

Comment by Stephan — April 23, 2007

I just wanted notice the story about that application.
We are development company and we faced the problem with our old helpdesk software (cerberus). It was too slow and all our agent complained, that if they need to answer hundreds mails per day, they need something fast.

So we developed this application just for us at the beginning. Later we saw, that the same needs others, so we started to sell it or offer limited versions for free.

Google Like: We saw, that google applications have strong comunity, therefore SupportCenter is Google like application – user interface is pretty easy to learn and very fast.

Now we are sure, that this was very good movement to invest into this piece of software, because it returned immediatelly to us.

It generated a lot of sales in first month of selling, because everyone who tried it, can’t stp loving it :-)

With this small app we want to fight against big applications like kayako or cerberus, which have millions of functions, which our agents never use and it just slowdown the application + it generates not needed trafic.
Just let us know your suggestions and we will try to implement all ides, which are good for optimization of support agent work

Comment by Viktor — April 23, 2007

I think loading indicator is ok at top left corner, othersiwe it will disturb users… Very nice.

Comment by Andrej — April 23, 2007

Thx. to Ajaxian we have now trafic so high, that our server is overpowered.
Therefore some requests take in demo 3-10 seconds :-(
I’m sorry for that. We didn’t expected so huge interest in our small application :-) In each case thank you.
Normally every request is under 1 second if it is installed on normal server.

Comment by Viktor — April 23, 2007

Id change the logo, its not very professional. Google Mail should be flattered :)

Comment by Shawn — April 23, 2007

Shawn: Logo can change everyone to his own prefered logo. We don’t limit design aff application for customers.
If they like another logo, or own company logo, they can choose it

Comment by Viktor — April 23, 2007

The App is awesome and has a nice polished look and feel to it.

I don’t think it can replace OTRS at the moment until it’s been tested in a large production enviroment (think 5000+ users) but for most businesses this will do just fine.

Comment by Alex93053 — April 23, 2007

Alex93053: Application should be perfectly scalable. you can add as many webservers and as many database servers… so there is no reason why it cannot handle 5000+ users. Currently we have 15 agents and 2000+ customers, it works OK.

Comment by Andrej — April 23, 2007

It’s a cute little form response/addition tool, but I wouldn’t so boldly call it a competitor to the likes of enterprise-adopted helpdesks/crms such as Auracle, Cerberus or Kayako – probably sufficient for small businesses though – good luck with that market!

Comment by Dave — April 25, 2007

You’re not right. We had Cerberus before we developped SupportCenter. We had to switch off Cerberus, because Cerberus was not able to process so much mails as we need to process per day.
Also if you don’t see in left menu thousands links as e.g. in kayako, it doesn’t mean, that the functionality is not inside. :-)

We don’t try to develop best database backup system or similar (e.g. kayako contains functions, which are poor or average and have nothing to do with helpdesk software – db backup is just example)

We want, that it will be best helpdesk system and not mixture of all functions where nothing is perfect

e.g. now we have in our SupportCenter system used in Quality Unit 14 461 registered email addresses (users) and 15 700 tickets with over 100 000 mails
When we used Cerberus, we had about 60 000 mails and simply it was too slow and agents complained.

I think, that magic is in simple and powerfull systems.
Our agents needs to answer our tickets and not to see hundreds of links on screen.

We really think, that we are huge competition for Kayako, Cerberus and others … I can see it at least on number of sales we have – customers love this product so far :-)

Comment by Viktor — April 26, 2007

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