Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Queued: a Netflix Queue Manager Using Dojo and AIR

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SitePen, via Adobe sponsorship, has created an open source queue manager for Netflix called Queued.

The entire Dojo toolkit contains much more functionality than any single application needs, so the task of building applications often comes down to figuring out what style of coding you’ll use rather than learning how to use different components and figuring out how to glue them together. For Queued, we ended up with:

  • a single HTML file for the main window
  • dAIR for Dojo/AIR integration (window handling, etc)
  • dijit for layout (BorderContainer and friends)—but only for layout; we wanted to show that you can build compelling experiences without having to include (or learn!) the entire toolkit
  • unobtrusive behavior implementation using dojo.behavior, which made it very easy for our design & CSS guys to be productive without conflicting with the JS guys (and vice versa)
  • dojox.dtl for most widget templating
  • drag and drop for queue re-ordering
  • various animations for polish
  • Dojo’s build system (we distill everything into a single dojo.js and qd.js for the production app)

Since Queued is as much a demonstration of Dojo as it is of AIR, we took special care to keep the code hackery to a minimum—in addition to simply working correctly, we needed the code to be 1) easy to follow and 2) instructive for developers interested in learning how a good Dojo app can be put together. Everything’s nice and organized.

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