Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Quimble Does Syndicated Voting

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Remember DPolls, the Ajax polling application we posted about a couple of months ago? Well, now you can syndicate vote content on your own page:

Quimble keeps its easy-to-use interface, but now AJAX polls (using dynamic script tags – another topic you wrote about) are available to the general public.

Adding a new poll question is easy – you don’t need to register (Quimble cleverly uses Lazy Registration in a big way):

Once you’ve submitted the question, you’ll get some Javascript to include on your own page, which is how the cross-domain magic happens:

And here’s how it appeared on my web pageplace your votes now!

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 12:55 pm

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Thanks for the post! It’s great to have a write up on here :-). Now if anyone can tell me why a left-join on 2 mysql tables (with 1000 rows each) takes 5 seconds… I’d be truly indebted ;-).

Hope everyone enjoys the new in-page polls. Hope to see you over at Quimble (and around here too).

Comment by Topper — March 3, 2006

This look awesome. I’m now gonna have to add a poll to my blog. Hey, I can be like /. and change it every 6 months!

Topper, either you are creating a cartesian product, you don’t have the proper indexes or your database server is starved for resources.


Comment by Cal Evans — March 3, 2006

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