Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Ra Ajax: Ajax for .NET

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Thomas Hansen is a vocal member of the community, and worked on Gaia Widgets in the past. Now he has moved on to create his own opensource library Ra Ajax, an Ajax library for .NET. (He has posted the bloody details of how he “left”).

He is experimenting, and writing up a series of “how to write an Ajax library” as he does just that. He has already started with:

Check out the project release on Google Code as well as the project homepage and let him know what you would like to see.

UPDATE Thomas just posted about getting sued by Gaiaware due to a non-compete. I am not a lawyer, and have no idea about the law there, what was signed, etc….. but this seems totally out of bounds and they should leave him alone.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:01 am

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Right, so this guy greets his IE users with “You seem to be using a broken browser”. Great start, immediate credibility. And then he says “I will never again partner-up with people, my ideas are probably too weird or different for me being able to find anyone who will ever agree with my ideas and vision, even though due to my extreme coding abilities and innovative concepts most people will say that they “believe in me” in the beginning to get on board.”

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — August 20, 2008

Hi Bertrand, I guess you proved my point ;)
But yes my website have a “try to convince people to use anything but IE feature”.
That doesn’t mean Ra-Ajax won’t work with IE…
Aren’t you that developer from the ASP.NET AJAX team?

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 20, 2008

Hi Thomas, I read some of the stuff you’ve written and there are some good points in there, so it’s all the more sad in my opinion that you would alienate potential readers up front. I think you might have better to offer in terms of “revolutionary ideas” than “IE sucks, get a real browser”. To answer your question, yes I am.

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — August 20, 2008

Hi Bertrand, might be you’re right, though unfortunately this is the only way I know of which might push your employer into creating a great next version of their browser…
…which is desperately needed as you yourself too are probably well aware of due to all the (obviously) JS, CSS and HTML stuff you’ve done :)
Just for the record, I say “broken browser” and not “IE sucks”…

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 21, 2008

Another, maybe more constructive way is to participate in the public effort from the OpenAjax Alliance:
There is a dialogue going on between this group (of which I’m a member) and the IE team. Some results of that collaboration can already be seen in IE8 Beta 2.
Sorry for exaggerating what you actually said.

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — August 21, 2008

Howdy, I too have followed the IE8 development and in fact given them a lot of credit for the same things you are giving them credit for.
(Skimmed your blog)
For instance when they told the world they would be “std by default” I created a beautiful blog where I gave them a lot of credit (all my blogs are removed from now though so I cannot link you to it)
Regarding the Open Ajax Alliance I think a lot of what they’re trying to do is just great, like for instance the “reserve namespace” efforts etc…
I probably will collaborate with the Open Ajax Alliance when I get more time, but at the moment I am busy with “other things” as you can imagine…
Though I am not the only one which tries to use “customer/market power” to “force” Microsoft into creating a better browsing experience. Take a look at e.g.;
Which I think is a great effort. Now if this is the _right_ thing to do in regards to IE6 or IE in general I have no idea what so ever about. But currently it is the *only* thing I can do and since it’s a huge problem for myself, fellow developer friends and users of my tools I feel I have to do at least what I can… :)
No problem :)
If when IE8 comes out it proves to be a marvelous, std compliant browser, removing lots of the HTML/CSS/JS hacks currently needed for especially IE6 and also to a large extend IE7 I’ll cut you a “deal” in fact! ;)
I’ll completely remove it for my users which are using IE8… :)

Comment by ThomasHansen — August 22, 2008

For the records, I’d like to state that the lawsuit is now settled and that all Intellectual Property for Ra-Ajax is now in the hands of the creator [me] … :)

Comment by ThomasHansen — November 17, 2009

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