Sunday, March 27th, 2005

Rails 0.11.1: More Ajax Features

Category: Ruby

The latest update to Rails has more great Ajax features:

The Ajax wave is sweeping across Rails. In this release, we’ve added a :position option to both link_to_remote and form_remote_tag that can be set to either :before, :top, :bottom, or :after. These options make it possible to add new DOM elements to existing lists without replacing the whole list. When working on big lists that are in a fixed order anyway, there’s a considerable speed increase to be had.

Yellow Fade Technique

Additionally, we’ve implemented the first in a hopefully long series of packaged effects. This is the 37signals’ Yellow Fade Technique that’s now available as Effect.Highlight(id) — perfect for highlighting a new element that was just added with Ajax. If you have the Javascript chops to do other effects, please do help out. The wiki discussion page for Ajax in Rails already has great ideas for slide, fadeout, and squish.

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