Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Rails based Ajaxian Spell Checker

Category: Ruby

Dee Zsombor has written up How to build an AJAX-ed spellchecker with Ruby On Rails.

The tutorial walks you through binding to Aspell via Ajax, and takes you step by step (from starting a fresh Rails app).

Some of the Meat

<!-- file app/views/spell/_misspelled.rhtml -->
  suggest_div = "suggest__#{cnt}"
  this_span = "id__#{cnt}"
<span id='<%=this_span%>'>
    { :complete => "showSuggestions('#{this_span}','#{suggest_div}')",
      :update => suggest_div,
      :condition =>"isInVisible('#{suggest_div}')",
      :url => {
        :action => 'suggest',
        :id => misspelled,
        :word_count => "#{cnt}"}},
      :class => 'misspelled',
      :title => 'Click for suggested spellings') -%>
<ul style="display:none" class="suggestions" id='<%=suggest_div%>'></ul>

Check out a live demo of the application

Ajax/Ruby Spellcheck

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For real time spell checker see

Comment by Erik Arvidsson — August 28, 2005

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