Friday, April 27th, 2007

Real Editor: Online CSS Edits

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library

Real Editor is a real-time CSS editor, built on SAJA.

It let’s MySpace users change their styles inline via simple dialogs, menus, and pickers.

Real Editor

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:05 am

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Better check the code for that entry! I think you haven’t closed the URL tag…

Comment by kent — April 27, 2007

Nice source code!

Comment by Dom — April 27, 2007

Works nice. How extendable is it though? Can you add x nr of boxes and the style can be applied to those as well?

The popups are a nuisance, if I click ‘close’ on a tab, I don’t want a warning asking me if I really want to close the tab. Same goes for clicking links.

Comment by Christian — April 27, 2007


Comment by Oliver Tse — April 27, 2007

Pretty cool, I’m not usually one to use myspace, but these guys do a great job. The css code it generates is crazy.

Comment by Ryan — April 27, 2007

Hangs on loading animation in Safari. Error in console:

Object (result of expression $) does not allow calls. Line: 163

Doubt it helps…

Comment by Trevor — April 27, 2007

Er… more errors:

SyntaxError – Parse error – lines 134, 138
ReferenceError – Can’t find variable: TipBubble – line 147
SyntaxError – Parse error – lines 147, 150, 151, 157, 160
TypeError – Object (result of expression showCover) does not allow calls. – line 164
All of the above shows address

SyntaxError – Parse error Line: 1180

Comment by Trevor — April 27, 2007

A bit heavy of an interface, but it does seem to work fairly nicely. I’ve often felt that there should be an “HTMLArea” for developers too, not just for clients. So when we click on the “Source” button to go into the raw HTML you had tools too, like tag insight/completion and rich CSS editors. This is a nice step towards the CSS part of that equation.

Comment by Mike Ritchie — April 27, 2007

Sorry about the errors Trevor – it’s built for FireFox and IE only at this point.

If we port the editor to more elegant services you can expect Safari support. ;)

Comment by Real Editor — April 27, 2007

@Real Editor:

I don’t mind, I likely won’t be using the tool in the near future. I just thought you might like to know.

Comment by Trevor — April 27, 2007

Nice feature, but please lord, don’t give myspace users any more control over their pages! Look at what a mess they already are!
Also agree with Mike re being a little heavy on the interface.

Comment by ajaxianfading — April 28, 2007


Actually, this is the type of control myspace users need. I’ve been planning on doing something similar for a site I’ve been working as a hobby. You build a javascript interface to build the CSS for the profiles, and not give users direct access to CSS/HTML, you end up with better control of the layout of the page in general. Avoiding the mess that many myspace profiles are.

Comment by Joe — April 28, 2007

Assuming you meant @ajaxianfading, not @Trevor. ;)

Comment by Trevor — April 28, 2007

Gr8 work

Comment by sudhir — April 29, 2007

Will this work with Terapad does loads more than MySpace and they give me full acccess to my CSS, but I am struggling to customise it.

Comment by Julian Scott — May 7, 2007

@realeditor: v. nice work. I’m the CEO of Terapad, the company mentioned above by Julian Scott. He’s right, something like this would be great on Terapad. Please ping me when you can: st AT Thanks.

Comment by Stephan Tual — May 7, 2007

Great Editor! Love the easyness. Also visit my Http Proxy Website it’s free to use forever!


Comment by Vilay — August 28, 2007

Oops here’s my website:

Comment by Vilay — August 28, 2007

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