Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Real Time Satellite Tracking (with Google Maps)

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Amateur astronomers will enjoy this cool mashup combining the coordinates of several satellites with the power of the Google Maps to show real-time locations as each of them oribts the Earth.

To start, simply select the satellite from the list at the top of the page and the map will track to its current location. As it moves, the map will move underneath it, showing a green dashed line of the path as you’ve been viewing it. There’s even categories for the different satellites, including “brightest”, “weather”, and “GPS” to choose from. The box on the right shows the current data about the satellite – it’s latitude, longitude, elevation, speed, etc. It even tells you if the satellite you’re looking at is below your horizon (based on the location of your IP address).

Aseperate box provides information on the actual use of the satellite, incuding its name, launch date, and some comments about what it does. There’s even some latest astronomy news at the bottom of the page with highlights from around the world.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:10 am

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absolute pain in the arse – I can’t even grab – it just centers back. Absolutely useless.

Comment by shejaxmeoff — August 11, 2006

Come on Ajaxian – sort out this site – every time I post i go to a blank page – using Mac with FF. Not a good ad web 2!

Comment by shejaxmeoff — August 11, 2006

Why don’t they show all at a time? Using vector graphics (e.g. XAML, Flash or SVG) it is possible to build even better interactive WebPages. Please visit: and

If one creates reusable Ajax GUI Classes, it will be simple to build complex combinations. Please switch between cities. You can download the source code from the website.

Comment by Ramgopal — August 13, 2006

where can i download source code from Google Maps?

Comment by Phong Nguyen — October 9, 2006

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