Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Real-world Rails RJS templates

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Ajax is getting even easier for Rails developers. Scott Raymond has talked about his first use of RJS Templates for IconBuffet.

Using RJS, Scott was able to get rid of a bunch of JavaScript and replace it:

This addition allows you to generate Javascript from Ruby, which can be returned by Ajax calls and evaluated in the page. As usual, I use link_to_remote, Rails’ standard way to create an Ajaxified link:

link_to_remote "Add to Cart", :url => { 
  :action => 'add_to_cart', :id => product }

The controller saves the product id and renders the add_to_cart view—but instead of the usual .rhtml or .rxml template, it’s an .rjs template:

page.replace_html 'cartbox', :partial => 'cart'
page.replace_html 'num_items', :partial => 'num_items'
page.send :record, 
   "Element.addClassName('product_#{@params[:id]}', 'incart')"

These three lines accomplish the same thing as the fourteen lines of Javascript above. The first line renders the ‘cart’ partial into the DOM element #cartbox. The second line does the same thing, but for the header. The third line just creates a line of Javascript to add a CSS class to an element.

Update: Scott Raymond just made a plugin out of RJS, so you don’t need to be running edge rails.

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Thanks for the pointer.

You might want to include the URL of Scott’s post:

Comment by cboone — December 2, 2005

Duh, Sorry, it’s in there now, as well as the update!



Comment by Dion Almaer — December 2, 2005

Actually, Cody Fauser made that RJS plugin, not me.

Comment by scott Raymond — December 5, 2005

[…] RJS Templates – This is another HUGE feature. I don’t know anyone that wants to sit down and conjur up Javascript all day long. Well, now we can write Javascript using Ruby. How bad-a$$ is that? Explanations here, here, and here. […]

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