Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Really Simple History 0.6 Beta Announced

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My colleague Brian Dillard is just putting the finishing touches on the 0.6 beta release of Really Simple History (RSH). What’s new and improved?

I’ve tried to be as ambitious as possible with this release: full support of IE7/Win, Safari/Win, Safari/Mac, Opera/Win, Opera/Mac. I’ve didn’t quite get there, but I got close.

Features in the new version include:

  • Full support for IE7/Windows (though my only Windows machines use IE7 Standalone, so I need help testing on “real” IE7 installs).
  • Full support for Safari 2/Mac (though I’m still trying to eliminate the “infinite loading” bug before I push out the beta).
  • Partial support for Safari 3/Windows (hampered by bugs in the current beta version of the browser).
  • Full support for cross-platform Opera 9.22 (though you may need to hard-code an image into your markup).
  • A totally revamped test page that allows you to play with the library in your browser of choice and see how it works behind the scenes.

As always, RSH works beautifully in Firefox 2 for Windows and the Mac. I hope to give it a good shakedown on Linux browsers in the next release.

What was the main source of difficulty in this release? In a word, Safari.

Plenty of people who’ve worked on Ajax bookmarking projects have
commented about this, but it only becomes clear once you’ve actually
seen it in action. Getting this thing to work in Safari 2 for the Mac
took a wildly disproportionate amount of time considering its market

Hopefully these dusty corners of the browser world will get improved over time.

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sounds good! I’ll have to try it out later, and probably blog about it afterwards ;)

Comment by David G. Paul — October 24, 2007

Not having had to work with history in web apps too much, am I wrong to assume that the hash method would work in Safari? I use Safari as my primary browser and am quite positive hash changes make entries in history, and that back and forward actions let you navigate this history.

It’s even easy to “hide” the hash in your URI (for example, http://uri.ofyour.com/webapp/#/path/to/whatever isn’t so bad).

So would this method work for Safari? Is there a major browser that it doesn’t work for?

Comment by Trevor — October 24, 2007

@David – Thanks for your comments. It would make my job a lot easier if Safari history management were as easy as simply adding a hash. Unfortunately, other bugs and quirks in the browser mean that you have to pile some hacks on top of simple hash updates to get a working history system. If you check out the issues list, the release notes, and the links page at the Really Simple History homepage, you’ll learn more about what I’m up against. RSH also has a Google Group now for further discussion:


Comment by Brian Dillard — November 1, 2007

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