Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

Realtime on Rails 2.0

Category: Chat, Ruby

<p>Martin Scheffler has released his second version of Realtime on Rails (we posted on version 1.0).

Realtime on Rails is a RoR app using Ajax HTTP streaming to update browsers from the server.

It includes:

  • A ruby HTTPD for mediating the push connections
  • A JS Window system and two demo apps: Chat/IM with rich text editing (Dojo) MP3 player with shared playlist (using AFLAX)

This application will be published under an LGPL license at the beginning of February.

Realtime on Rails

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is there any source code available for this one?

Comment by Jeremy — March 29, 2006

is there any source code available for this one????????

Comment by Jeremy — March 29, 2006

has the Demo moved?

Application error (Apache)
Hmm, something’s wrong…

Comment by Soeren — April 25, 2007

I’ve been waiting for the demo but every time it gives some apache server error.Kindly fix it plz…..

Comment by waiting — October 5, 2007

Found this through the same domain:

The Rubyforge Page

Comment by tamersalama — April 30, 2008

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