Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Remember the Milk: More TODO

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We must be getting really organized with all of the TODO list applications that are springing up.

The latest to the scene is Remember The Milk, and
Rob Sanheim says it best:

If you thought tada lists were way too stripped down, give this a try. All sorts of features: tabbed lists, priorites, estimates, recurrance, feeds, sharing, iCalendar. The look and feel is impressive on first impression – loading animation while lists are being retrieved, subtle use of effects, etc. Everything seems to be very dynamic – I’m not sure if there is a full page reload anywhere. Entering new items and editing them is very easy and straight forward, and you can enter “outlook style” dates like “tomorrow” or “next tuesday”. Also has undo support for all sorts of stuff, which is pretty rare.

remember the milk screen shot

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:21 am

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Yea, it’s another to-do list, but very well done! This site is full of great AJAX and Web 2.0 design. I especially like the keyboard shortcuts, the fuzzy date input logic, and the ability to be sent a reminder via email, instant messenger, or mobile phone text message.

Comment by Steve — October 13, 2005

How about reminders via RSS!!!!

Comment by richard collette — October 13, 2005

What are the other TODO list managers? I wish someone would AJAXify bugzilla. Bugzilla is one of the most useful tools as well as one of the worst UIs for new users…

Comment by Douglas Calvert — October 13, 2005

I almost hate to say it, but it seems a little *too* flashy. It is simple to use but I think it takes too many clicks/menu selects to do stuff after adding a task. It is definately a great effort but I guess I’d like to see something between this and ta-da list.

Comment by Gnome — October 13, 2005


tada –
tudu –
blablah –
voo2do –

and i’m sure there are more.

Comment by Rob — October 13, 2005

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