Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Remote Calling Design in Ajax

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Ajax is an architecture, and there are various ways in which people are implementing ajaxian ideas. Ben and I talk about various approaches wrt return types (proprietary stuff, objects [JSON], XML, HTML).

Jon Tirsen has weighed in with his “Designs for remote calls in Ajax” article.

I’m pleased with how the best practices of doing remoting are emerging in Ajax. Most Ajax libraries have ditched the RPC approach to remoting and are instead using a very specialized form of distributed computing.

Please allow me to explain…


Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:19 pm

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Hahaha, that’s funny that we were really on almost exactly the same page with respect to this! I had exactly the same classification in my article!

Comment by Jon Tirsen — August 16, 2005

Were you, Jon? You talked a lot about the server returning javascript which then got evaluated by the client. I don’t see that on the RoR screengrab here (btw Dion, where’s the screengrab from? Can you provide a link? Thanks)


Comment by Dave Crane — August 17, 2005

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