Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Remote-ly Thankful

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I realise that we are an international community here at Ajaxian, but for the American Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be OK to take stock and say some thanks too.

Firstly, to the bright hackers who brought us not only XHR (thanks Microsoft), but porting it to other browsers, and then the hard work of giving us the Ajax libraries. The Ajax framework authors have done the hard work so we don’t have too. They boldly go where no Web developer wants to.

Thanks to the browser vendors, especially recently got getting back in the game and charging ahead. We have another game on our hands as we see browsers add features and come a huge way with respect for performance.

Finally, thanks for you all. You provide the colour that we get to cover. You build the great applications that we get to showcase. The engine that is Ajax matters little if there isn’t a great body on top. Thanks for pushing the Web forward, and for supporting the platform that tries hard to be Open for all. We have a unique opportunity to have developers “own” the platform that we all build on rather than a particular vendors. We need to push even more to make this happen in spades.

If you notice that we haven’t covered something that you have found cool… perhaps you made it, please don’t assume that we glossed over it. Chances are that we simply didn’t see it. So please email us and contribute some news! One of the Ajaxians will make sure to check it out. To the other Ajaxian editors, I appreciate ever post that you do to contribute to this community.

Have a great Thursday chaps.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:00 am
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Oah that chocolate looks so nice.. Yummm…

Comment by widgisoft — November 27, 2008

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