Monday, September 8th, 2008

Resig on JavaScript Benchmark Quality

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It’s truly amazing how the release of Chrome has ratcheted up the focus on JavaScript and its performance. It’s not to say that JavaScript performance wasn’t important before but with Google coming out claiming amazing speed improvements via V8, it’s really gotten the community focused on determining how to best measure these claims.

John Resig, who has been a blogging madman since Chrome was released, has been comparing performance via various postings and so far, seems very even keeled in his findings. In his latest post, he tackles the issue of the quality of these benchmarks and some possible solutions:

JavaScript Benchmarks aren’t adapting well to the rapid increase in JavaScript engine performance. I provide some simple tests for verifying this and propose a modified setup which could be used by all JavaScript Benchmarks to achieve high-quality results.

John compared the three major JavaScript performance benchmarks; WebKit released SunSpider, Mozilla released Dromaeo, Google released the V8 Benchmark. By testing the computational accuracy of the three styles of tests via a home-grown test application, John was able to come up with some interesting results that could help to improve current benchmarking applications.

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I can say without a doubt that there are some serious problems with Chrome’s V8. I have found that it has problems dealing with objects that have more than a few hundred properties, and it seems it’s array performance is also suspect. Sure, it does do some things faster and thats great, but when i’ve got an AJAX app that runs perfectly smoothly in IE, FF, Safari and it completly TANKS on Chrome, i know something is wrong with Chrome. I also think it has problems with DOM access being slow (innerHTML especially) – in some cases it just freezes the entire browser, where again IE, FF, Safari work beautifuly and smoothly. I’ve spent 6 months developing this webapp and tweaking for performance, and it’s just a shame to see how poorly Chrome performs with it, when all the other browsers have no problems at all.

I for one am sick of hearing about how fast V8 is. I’ll wait until they release an update and hopefully fix some of these problems with V8/Chrome.

Comment by leptons — September 9, 2008

If there are legitimate problems with the browser that’s great to know, but I don’t want to blindly accept comments from folks who might have a bias against this new browser in the market.

Give us some URLs where Chrome is not performing well or not functioning at all so that we can compare for ourselves. Benchmarks and statements are one thing, but on which sites is this browser giving problems? That would be a REAL test to me.

So far I’ve been impressed with this browser. Remember it’s only in beta! It has some issues with privacy, but I haven’t seen them with speed and would be interested in seeing some sites that break or perform poorly with Chrome.

Comment by gancelot — September 9, 2008

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