Monday, November 6th, 2006

Review of Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology

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<p>pract_ajax.gif At a quiet time during my 40th birthday extravaganza, I finally had the chance to finish reading Practical Ajax Projects with Java Technology by Frank Zammetti from Apress. I’ve read enough good, hands-on Apress books by now to get a warm and fuzzy feeling anytime I see their distinctive bumble bee black and yellow covers, so I came to this volume hoping to find an Ajax treatment in that mold. The result isn’t an unqualified success in that regard — it goes broad rather than deep — but if you’re an experienced Java developer looking to get caught up on some of the Ajax developments of the last year and a half, this book is for you.

The book assumes a good foundation in server-side Java development, but little or no experience with the technologies that make up Ajax. Part 1 of the book, which is comprised of Chapters 1-3, is an excellent review of Ajax technology and architecture along with a basic review of Java webapp development. Part 2 consists of seven chapters, each of which develops an Ajax application.

Read more of the review here.

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Comment by Ajax — November 7, 2006

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