Monday, January 16th, 2006 – powerful regex evaluator

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We wrote before about some ajax regex tools to help test regular expressions. Recently we came upon, which really is the swiss army knife of online reg ex tools. It supports three different regex modes: PHP PCRE, PHP Posix, javascript. Also includes options for greediness, case sensitivity, unicode, and others.

It evaluates your regex in real time, and also has some a nice tab on the left with syntax help. Browser support is listed as:

  • Internet Expolorer 5+.
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.0+
  • Opera 7.54+
  • Safari 1.2+’

I know I can use all the help I can get with regex, so I love seeing more tools available like this.


Posted by Rob Sanheim at 9:59 am

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Now if somebody would just make a regex tool for people who are completely out of their league when it comes to regex (like me). How about a tool that lets me paste in a bunch of text and then select the part I want to pull out with a regular expression and then it creates the expression for me?

Comment by Twist — January 16, 2006

The good old JavaScript Console in Firefox works a treat as well, or the JavaScript Shell (bookmarklet) for that matter.

Comment by Mark Wubben — January 16, 2006

[…] via [ajaxian] […]

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there is such an AJAX tool for several years already at

Comment by Venimus — May 26, 2006

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