Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

RGraph: Canvas based graphing library

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There are a few graphing libraries out there. The latest that we have been shown is RGraph by Richard Heyes:

RGraph is a graphing/charting software component for websites. It uses HTML5 technologies (the new Canvas tag) which is already present in most modern web browsers to create and show graphs/charts. The graphs are created inside the web browser, removing the burden from the webserver (just as rendering HTML works) and so it can alleviate some of the burden from a web server.

It supports a wide variety of graph types – from Bar charts, Line charts and Pie charts to Scatter, Rose and Radar charts. In total there’s roughly 15 base chart types available with further variations possible too.

It has interactive features (for example zoom, tooltips and annotations) which can improve the usability of a website/web application. It’s very easy to work with and extend.

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Why? It seems more appropriate to use SVG for this.

Comment by EliGrey — May 4, 2010

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