Thursday, September 20th, 2007

RichFaces 3.1: JSF and Ajax

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Damian Harvey pinged us about the new release of RichFaces:

RichFaces is a rich component library for JSF and an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities into business application development. The RichFaces components come ready to use out-of-the-box, so developers can immediately save time in taking advantage of component features to create Web applications that provide greatly improved user experience more reliably and more quickly. RichFaces also includes strong support for the skinnability of JSF applications. RichFaces also takes full advantage of the benefits of the JSF framework including lifecycle, validation, and conversion facilities, along with the management of static and dynamic resources.

We asked Damian what he was excited about in the new release:

Well in addition to the existing components, the new toolTip, scrollableTable, and effect (based on scriptaculous) would be my favorites.

Rich Faces

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Please fix the link. The describing text is not being shown because of an unclosed link.

Comment by zooey — September 20, 2007

new had to view source to read a page before.. lol

Comment by Dougal — September 20, 2007

Maybe I’m an idiot but the first two demos i tried in Safari 3 did not work at all and actually crashed my browser (not that crashing Safari 3 is a difficult task…I still love you Safari 3)

Comment by Jonathan Badeen — September 20, 2007

Looking around I was especially interested in the Ajax tree but while snooping around with firebug I noticed something strange. Using firebug and clicking on net > xhr and viewing the posted back info when expanding the Ajaxified tree there’s a complete page being returned? That would explain the excruciating slow response or as the author calls it: “short delay”. Anyone understands why that is, i.e. something clever I’m missing?

Comment by Marc — September 21, 2007

bo. what is it? are they serious

Comment by mlarese — September 21, 2007

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