Friday, July 1st, 2005

Rico LiveGrid: No more next/prev!

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Bill Scott of Sabre and the Rico team decided to add and release LiveGrid functionality. They want to banish NEXT/PREV from the web with this technique, which lets you use a scrollbar to automatically grab more info. You keep scrolling, it keeps fetching.


To see LiveGrid in action check out:

We asked Bill Scott what was cool about LiveGrid, and he responded:

First, it has immediate implications for large-scale applications are chained to the desktop because of the size of data they work with. The concept of a fast, scrolling grid through unlimited data sizes on the web turns their thinking upside down and makes web-based solutions a reality. We are getting comments like, “You know, we can actually move our applications to the web–I never thought that was possible.”

Second, it seriously challenges the next/previous paging model we see everywhere on the web. It frees us to provide a more intuitive user experience with the “lowly” scrollbar! Imagine just scrolling through your search results, your real estate listings, your furl bookmarks, your ebay listings, whatever– without ever thinking of a page boundary! And without the wait for the page to refresh. The user is in control!

And lastly, even my wife, kids and neighbors thought it was cool. And they still think Ajax is a cleaner ;-)

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Yep. I hear it loud and clear. And I am typing this on a Mac. I promise we will get it resolved :-) I think I have found the issue and it doesn’t look hard to fix. When we get it going I will post a note here and flag it on the site.

Thanks for keeping up the pressure :-)

Comment by Bill Scott — July 1, 2005

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