Monday, May 1st, 2006

Round-up of 50 AJAX Toolkits and Frameworks

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Back again with another mega-list, Max Kiesler has posted this resource, a listing of 50 different Ajax toolkits and frameworks.

The following is a compilation of all of the AJAX toolkits and frameworks that I have either reviewed or have first hand experience with and would recommend. It seem like a new AJAX toolkit or framework has come out every week or so since the term AJAX was coined a little over a year ago. As a designer and developer I find these tools invaluable in the process of rapid web development.

Of course, the list is by no means comprehensive, but it does include both the “big names” in the framework/toolkit field (Atlas, Symfony, Django, CPAINT, Dojo) but also several of the smaller, lighter libraries the web has to offer (CFAjax, MyBic, Catalyst, Cajax).

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he didn’t even include moo.fx – the best framework out there.

Comment by krazykarl — May 1, 2006

Blah, *kouch* jquery *kouch*

Comment by Gilles — May 1, 2006

And he missed DWR, which is pretty remarkable…


Comment by Mats Henricson — May 1, 2006

moo.fx is just a simple javascript program

Comment by Armin — May 1, 2006

Yet another exhaustive, at least until the next one is made, frameworks list? Isn’t there a clearinghouse for these things yet?

Comment by Andy — May 1, 2006

Atlas is the best framework

Comment by Fabian — May 1, 2006

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You should review the framework proposed by It convincingly argues that all the Ajax toolkits and frameworks have many fundamental limitations and hence totall flawed:

The web page proposes new processes to over come those fundamental limitations and provided many examples to back their technologies:

The web site argues, history shows that GUI-API for desktop applications (e.g. Delphi/Borland, Windows GUI-API or Java/Swing) is always superior to building our own GUI components from scratch.

It argues, no Ajax toolkit or framework neither offers nor teaches, how to build such reusable GUI Widgets. Hence, even if you spend all the time to create a GUI component, it is very hard to reuse the data-driven Ajax components build using other frameworks. Therefore the web site argues that the other frameworks are flawed!

The web site also proposes an interesting Agile Programming process at:

Check it for yourself many other examples provided in the web site.

Most of the frameworks are only one or two trick phonies and none of them can offer complete solution. Any other Ajax toolkits or frameworks ever match capabilities of Java/Swing?


Comment by John — May 2, 2006

Similar Exercise , but focussing on the needs of Enterprise Java Developers.

Comment by Paul Browne — May 2, 2006

Link from previous post:

Comment by Paul Browne — May 2, 2006
Isn’t interesting, if no other Ajax GUI controls that can control other Ajax components or to get the components communicate with each other using any method, such as:

Comment by joe — May 3, 2006

Dig that futuristic “swoosh” logo for :P

Anyway, I’ll throw in another vote for jquery… looks promising…

Comment by Dizzle — May 3, 2006

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I’m glad this is here – better more ajax than less ajax. Of course it’s going to build a buzz, people – this is a very strong paradigm shift. Thanks for this.

Comment by Mark — May 8, 2006

Guys Be Informed !!! is back with a new Ajax FRAUD

I am unable to understand what Raju and cbsdf guys are trying this time.But few years back these frauded (rigged) the XML-J 2002 awards and stole it from OpenOffice, ( Cocoon and Batik as well).

Back then the company name was Elansoft and product was Agileblox

The below is an old google cached page

For this and other business malpractices and sleaze, a complaint was lodged with FBI and Elansoft closed US office and ran from the law.

I feel, since they escaped FBI last time so easily, they are trying to do it once again

Comment by mohanrao_gs — June 20, 2006

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