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S5 1.3 aka Reloaded

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S5 Reloaded

When Christian Effenberger searched for a browser based slide show system he found the infamous S5 (Simple Standards-based Slide Show System) from Eric Meyer.

There were some features that Christian wish he had access too, so he created them:

Auto-scaling of text/images/objects/charts

If you’re setting up to present your 1600×1200 slide show and find
out the projector available to you only goes up to 800×600, don’t
worry. S5 will auto-scale the images/objects accordingly to the text
in the presentation to match the browser window, no matter what size
you make it. Put class=”scale” on any image/object/chart, and it’ll
be shown scaled.

Soft transitions (fading)

Transitions are made through browser compatible fading (softly and
evenly). Only the content of <div class=”slide”> and <img
class=”incremental” /> will be faded. The header, the footer and the
background remain unaffected. The overall duration for slides and
incrementals is adjustable.

Auto Play (autorun)

The automatic play was still missing for kiosk mode. Auto Play
supports overall delay for slides and is adjustable through the
control panel while running. Runs in an endless loop or only once to
the last slide and is also adjustable through the control panel while

Sound support

Audio support is done through SoundManager 2 (Javascript Sound for the Web).

Chart Support (pie/bar/line)

Chart Support is done through parsing html tables at runtime and
dynamic generation of scalable canvas graphics. The <table> must
include class=”piechart” or class=”barchart” or class=”linechart” and
an id with the suffix “_data”. The <canvas> must include width and
height attributes and the same id like the table, but with the suffix
“_canvas”. Further instructions can be found at References.

Extended control panel

The Themes with the suffix “_utf” uses a scalable control panel with
unicode characters to make all adjustments available via mouse click
(invoke the control panel at the lower center of the window). The
Themes with the suffix “_gfx” uses a fixed dimension control panel
with PNG images (invoke the control panel at the bottom of the window).

Advanced New Themes

The new themes makes use of the auto-scaling feature of images and
objects. The Advanced theme e.g. shows a scaling logo image in the
left and an analogue clock flash in the right of the header area. The
Sunny and the School themes shows scaling images in the left top and
right bottom.

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Why is the original S5 infamous? I think it is great!


Comment by Mats Henricson — April 23, 2007

Great new features, but what I miss most is better printing…

Comment by Mats Henricson — April 23, 2007

So do I. Maybe Dion mistyped the word “famous”!

Comment by Christian Effenberger — April 23, 2007

I think it’s a little bogus to brag about this being standards-based because of the use of the tag. It’s not a standard, last time I looked, just a proposal. Sorry, but that doesn’t count.

I haven’t looked closely, but if all the reasons for S5 being broken in IE is because of things like this, then the name “S5” is being abused, imho.

I would be more impressed with an implementation that had fewer bells and whistles and worked in more than 15% of the browsers out there. If it contains only standards, even better. Otherwise, it’ll never be more than a proof of concept. Not to say this isn’t useful in and of itself – it surely is. Just not AS good as something one could use day to day.

Comment by Keith — April 23, 2007

Ugh, sorry. That was supposed to say “canvas” tag in my first sentence. Curse me for not using standards in my response! :)

Comment by Keith — April 23, 2007

+1 on the “What’s infamous about the original S5” remarks.

Comment by Claus — April 24, 2007

Dear Keith

That IE would fail on S5 1.3 was no intention.
So I decided to create a second version with less features (no sound & no charts) but fully compatible with IE 6/7.

This version is named S5 1.29 a.k.a. one4all.


Comment by Christian Effenberger — May 30, 2007

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