Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Safari 3.1 Released

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Safari 3.1 has been released, so fire up your software update now (or direct install).

The new release includes features (and many more):

  • JavaScript performance improvements
  • Standards: Adds support for CSS 3 web fonts
  • Standards: Adds support for CSS transforms and transitions
  • Standards: Adds support for HTML 5 <video> and <audio> elements
  • Standards: Adds support for offline storage for Web applications in SQL databases
  • Standards: Adds support for SVG images in <img> elements and CSS images
  • Standards: Adds support for SVG advanced text
  • Developers: Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features
  • Developers: Allows access to Web Inspector
  • Developers: Allows access to Network Timeline
  • Developers: Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector
  • Developers: Allows custom user agent string
  • Developers: Improves snippet editor

There are also nice user features like double-clicking a link to open in a new window, trackpad gestures, and caps lock view on a password field.

(thanks to Richard Kimber for the quick tip)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:59 am

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They could have had me with simply the ability to edit CSS in the inspector. Gah, this is awesome. And here I thought Safari updates were forever relegated to OS X updates (either .x or .x.-1 releases).

Comment by Trevor — March 18, 2008

Okay, I downloaded the update and can’t for the life of me figure out how to edit live CSS.

Comment by Trevor — March 18, 2008

Nevermind. Apparently double-clicking on computed style rules doesn’t work, but double clicking on style rules listed as from some stylesheet does. Neat!

Sorry for the multiple posts…

Comment by Trevor — March 18, 2008

Have a look at the following URL in your new Safari 3.1 browser. Very cool!


Comment by kim3er — March 18, 2008

Worth also pointing out that Safari 3.1 also supports the following:

* querySelector and querySelectorAll support
* Native getElementsByClassName support

I’m keen to see what the library authors think of sniffing for this feature and use querySelectorAll in place of their selector method.

Comment by remy — March 18, 2008

remy: we do exactly that for Dojo.

Comment by Dylan Schiemann — March 18, 2008

This is great news, especially querySelector. I need to update my library to sniff that out and use it whenever possible.

Comment by musicfreak — March 18, 2008

Nice changelog.

Too bad their Canvas implementation is still way behind that of Opera and Firefox : No imageData, no prototype exposed for CanvasRenderingContext2D, no setTransformation. :'(

Comment by p01 — March 18, 2008

@remy: DOMAssistant supports querySelectorAll and native getElementsByClassName since version 2.6 :-)

Comment by chenghong — March 18, 2008

It still doesn’t handle :hover and adjacent sibling selectors correctly…


Comment by Dan G. Switzer, II — March 18, 2008

Man is it me or did the js engine get a huge speed boost with this new version :)

@chenghong DOMAssistants may be fast, but aren’t very reliable (which is easily verified by adding DOMAssistant to the latest slickspeed test).

Comment by Anonymous — March 18, 2008

That should be: DOMAssistants selectors

Comment by Anonymous — March 18, 2008

@Anonymous: The slickspeed test can be found here but I don’t see any incorrect results.

Comment by chenghong — March 18, 2008

PSA: Safari 3.1 seems to have removed keypress event firing for backspace and delete keys. Much to my frustration!

Comment by Trevor — March 18, 2008

@chenghong That’s because the slickspeed test on DOMAssistants domain is a custom tailored one. Use the ‘official’ latest version to testdrive the library, and you’ll see what I mean (also, results differ depending on which browser you’re testing with).

Comment by Anonymous — March 19, 2008

@Anonymous: As far as I can tell, it wasn’t custom tailored. It is just an older ‘official’ version published by mootools themselves. The new version is also available at http://www.domassistant.com/slickspeed-alt/. Again, the results are pretty consistent with other major libraries.

Comment by chenghong — March 19, 2008

@kim3er: Take a look at the URL you posted, http://webkit.org/blog/138/css-animation/ on an iPhone with 2.0, or using the iPhone simulator.

Comment by JonathanLeech — March 19, 2008

Safari 3.1 completely changed the location object, it is now no longer under the window, it is it’s own global object. completely hosed my stuff!!!

Comment by jamiefishback — March 21, 2008

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