Monday, June 11th, 2007

Safari for Windows, Ajax on iPhone

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Safari 3 Beta

Steve Jobs gave the keynote at WWDC this morning, where he announced a couple of items that affect Ajax developers.

Safari for Windows

Apple is releasing the public beta of Safari for Windows today. Steve gave demos of Safari, claiming that it screams:

  • ibench html performance: IE 4.6 sec, FF 3.7, Safari 2.2 seconds
  • javascript: IE 2.4 sec, FF 1.6, Safari 0.9 seconds

WebKit is getting a real solid foundation on Windows with Apple joining Adobe on the Windows port. I bet Adobe is happy.

iPhone Development

Scott Forstall, VP of the iPhone Division, showed off a corporate address book database application using LDAP. It looks like a native iPhone application. The card looks the same as the address book. You can direct dial from the application, email, display a map (can tie directly into the built-in Google Maps application on the phone), and more.

Since this is all on Safari, I wonder what plugins are available too.

Great to see that the SDK for the iPhone is Ajax. We all know that ;)

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Try installing and running Safari on a PC with Dual-Monitors. It screws up.
It only renders the browser app in the primary monitor, I moved it into another..and boom it vanished, I see the safari icons in the task bar but the app is not seen

Comment by Satish Mummadi — June 12, 2007

Does anyone know the webkit revision that’s in this Safari 3 beta release. And also the webkit r. that’s in the Safari 2.0 that’s installed on most people’s computers? Finally, I’d love to hack the windows Safari to get the older webkit on there, so we can finally debug those older safari bugs.

Comment by Paul Irish — June 12, 2007

This will never replace my default browser (Firefox of course), and speed and aesthetics are never going to be what I’d use this for. But if this if the full Webkit and not the [very valiant] first attempt by the guy who wrote Swift, then this will become a crucial tool in my development box while I’m working out my CSS. Thanks Apple, you just saved me three thousand dollars!

Comment by Mike Ritchie — June 12, 2007

it doesn’t render half the page and the margins are all off

Comment by Alex — June 12, 2007

Question: Does Safari 3 fix the bugs that kill the back button in Ajax apps? Since Safari poses a lot of problems for ajax apps, I’m a little concerned about Safari becoming popular.

Comment by RighteousRaven — June 12, 2007

I think things with <base href> and/or application/xhtml+xml-served documents might be acting a bit funny.. I thought the dark border around the UI looks a little odd on winXP, if only because XP’s theme it seems applies a slightly blue one.. but it’s a beta.

All things considered, I think it’s good they have a Windows version out for developers’ sake, at least. If Safari 3 reaches “critical mass” such that it requires A-grade support on Windows, yet differs from the Mac experience significantly in terms of bugs/hacks etc., then I’ll be rather disappointed. I think it would be wise to keep the experience consistent, even at the risk of confusing Windows users with a more OS X-like UI.

Comment by Scott Schiller — June 12, 2007

Safari for Windows is still very raw. I would say it’s not even an alpha.

Comment by Alexey Doronin — June 12, 2007

I tried Safari on XP tonight, and it worked flawlessly. I was quite impressed, actually.

Comment by Alex Iskander — June 12, 2007

I don’t really think Safari for windows will do much in the Quality Assurance department. The reason is that it is still using the same windows fonts, and one of the reasons why css gets messed up on mac sometimes is because of fonts (i encountered a positioning problem because of this once) – there is Helvetica on Mac, but there is Arial on Windows… Not so sure… Anyhow its still going to get messier for css developers, they’ll have to develop hacks for safari on windows too :( cuz last time i checked, there are issues with safari rendering css :(

Comment by Farhan K — June 13, 2007

The safari beta doesn’t like dual monitors. If you move it to the secondary and double click the title bar to maximize… it disappears.

Comment by Dougal Matthews — June 13, 2007

Unexpected, but nice. Font rendering needs work still. The fonts look like they are bolded, but aren’t. The AA needs to be fixed on them. Has bugs on links that have background images. If your going from one page that has tables with buttons in the cells to another page that has tables with buttons in the cells, it doesn’t render the new buttons appropriately. Needs to be refreshed to render the buttons properly. Mouse support sucks on the forward and back buttons.

Overall, it’s nice, but needs way more work.

Comment by Alex — June 14, 2007

In my opinion, a layout can’t be “good” until it is font type and size independent. I try to design all my layouts (including web applications) so the user can override my font type and size choices and things will still work correctly (unless they get really silly).

Comment by Joeri — June 15, 2007

can one assume that the Safari page render on this windows version looks the same as it does on a OSX?

That’s the most important thing to me: I tend to develop on firefox (thanks to firebug) then check and fix in the other browsers. I’ve always wanted to test it in Safari, so IF this works the same way as it does on mac then its a really very handy tool. But :: if it doesn’t, its just another fix file and a pure abomination to the internet.

So does anyone know if the output of it is the same as OSX’s ?


Comment by SingleCoil — June 15, 2007

I was excited…but you can never get info Jobs keynotes…

Comment by Jeff at — June 16, 2007

It’s not a bad browser like Safari use to be…
But if they’re gonna make a browser for a windows machine they need to stop trying to import the Mac look…

It’s supposed to be a software… not a fragment of your OS

Comment by Jerome Lapointe — June 20, 2007

“Anyhow its still going to get messier for css developers, they’ll have to develop hacks for safari on windows too :( cuz last time i checked, there are issues with safari rendering css :(”

It was true of the old Safari… Safari 3 is suprisingly compliant CSS wise (the one for Windows anyways).

However it’s doubtful people will be coding for Safari on Windows… personally I’ll just expect it to grab my standard compliant code… if it doesn’t well screw it.

Comment by Jerome Lapointe — June 20, 2007

Safari for windows does not “Save” any custom settings for future use. Nothing gets saved – like custom bookmarks, status bar settings, home page settings etc.

Comment by Vinod — September 26, 2007

The most buggy browser ever
Crashes every 2 minutes …

Comment by Joe — November 9, 2007

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