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Dave Johnson of Nitobi wrote a nice desktop application for The application is offline enabled by Air using Ajax as the actual app code itself (no Flash). Dave has written up a detailed walk through to show off how this was built, and shows (quoting his ‘l33+):

  1. Custom chrome to make things look hawt
  2. Drag and drop from the desktop for vcard integration
  3. File system integration for taking things offline

To get a feel for the file system integration:


  1. = function(filename) {
  2.    var file = air.File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolve(filename);
  3.    var stream = new air.FileStream();
  4., air.FileMode.READ);
  5.    var str = stream.readMultiByte(file.size, air.File.systemCharset);
  6.    stream.close();
  7.    return nitobi.xml.createXmlDoc(str);
  8. }
  10. = function(xmlDoc, filename) {
  11.    if (typeof xmlDoc != 'string') xmlDoc = nitobi.xml.serialize(xmlDoc);
  12.    var file = air.File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolve(filename);
  13.    var stream = new air.FileStream();
  14., air.FileMode.WRITE);
  15.    var str = stream.writeMultiByte(xmlDoc, air.File.systemCharset);
  16.    stream.close();
  17. }

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Way to go Ext!

Comment by Jordan — July 19, 2007

Actually, thats not EXT. It’s Nitobi’s framework skinned to sortof look like Vista-ish.

Comment by Alexei — July 19, 2007

Yeah, I thought it looked a bit off to the Ext look.

Comment by Andy — July 19, 2007


My friend just wrote a similar looking kind of app using Airl – so I think it’s just a l&f the API tends to naturally guide people towards. He’s kind of crap at graphics and his looked even sexier than this one. (maybe because it was black ;) )

Comment by Jesse Kuhnert — July 19, 2007

‘hawt’? That looks fricking awful.

Comment by Ben — July 20, 2007

Whether or not it looks good, no one should ever describe anything they created as “hawt”. Ever.

Comment by Dan — July 20, 2007

Most CRM vendors offer a web services APIs that do the same.

Comment by CRM Business Guide — July 26, 2007

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