Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Satama: Nice looking portfolio

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Satama is a dutch design firm that has a nice new site, showing off their portfolio.

What interested me was that it is an example of “looks like Flash” but is actually simple Ajax. The application using YUI for animations, history management, and more.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:09 am

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Should we not add fuel to the fire by calling this Ajax? While there may be some XHR going on here, I doubt it is directly responsible for the “looks like Flash” interface.

Comment by David — April 24, 2007

this is a fully non-accessible javascript thing : not better than Flash for this matter, really ! Try it without Javascript and be happy…

Comment by Leo — April 24, 2007

f*ck… I’d like to work there… :’)

Comment by Marc — April 24, 2007

Yes it really looks good! Great site! nice effects…

And when disabling JS I can use the site, but there needs some more tweaning so that it is REALLY usable. But still, good approach!

Comment by Georges — April 24, 2007

Another site with a similar effect. I like this one better (must be the dark on light layout)

Comment by Binny V A — April 24, 2007

like it

Comment by Stephan — April 24, 2007

A swirly loading thingy doth not a good site make!

Comment by stu — April 24, 2007


It’s interesting how they’ve taken the “Yahoo! Slide Transition” —

http://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns/pattern.php?pattern=slide — and made that functional in a tab.

We normally see that used on photo sites like Flickr and Yahoo photos.
I **imitated** something like that with Bindows —


Comment by Oliver Tse — April 24, 2007


Have to give credit for usability: Even though I don’t speak the language, I can navigate the site with ease and get a pretty good picture of what the company represents. So it’s not all just for show.

PS. Satama is an international company and the site in question represents one subsidiary, Satama Netherlands. (A bit of a nuance, I know.)

Comment by Kurt — April 24, 2007

I personally dont like Flash-Websites moving the hole content-page from one site to the other. If you can do this now with AJAX and Javascript the user can´t choose the none-Flash Version any more. The annoying movements are nice special effects but not effective and informativ. The internet does not need effects like this any more to show that you have entered a professional website. Notice: Google does not like ajax javascript content eighter!

Comment by chichi — April 24, 2007

I have seen something like this in flash before: Loading, loading, loading… Because some non-essential JavaScript has been blocked (google-analytics.com/urchin.js), whirling image was all I could see until I noticed this one will never load. Closing the tab was easier than unblocking the script.

Comment by los — April 24, 2007

on http://www.shotview.com we also use a similar system.

Comment by christof haemmerle — April 24, 2007

writing that down took you longer chichi ;)

Comment by dude — April 24, 2007

What about usability? Back button doesn’t work – as I know it’s rather easy to make it work, but it doesn’t…

Comment by Shimon — April 24, 2007

The whirling ajax load bar just won’t go away… so, this just sucks. Using Firefox (Bon Echo) for linux i686.

Comment by DeadCabbit — April 25, 2007

Satama is actually Finnish firm and they have recently been expanding to Netherlands.

Comment by Tero Piirainen — May 26, 2007

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