Friday, January 6th, 2006

Scottish Kilts Shopping Cart

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Billy McIntosh has gone through adding Ajax where he saw fit to his “Web 1.0” shopping cart system.

As he says:

Here’s a fully functional ajax-enabled shopping cart derived from our ‘Web 1.0’ version. It has no real bells or whistles, nor do I think it needs any, all it does is utilize the speed of the ajax technology – and it’s very fast!

It uses jah, sack and dhtml history so users can bookmark and use their back & forward buttons.

The ajaxed site will be sent only to browsers which support the XHR capable browsers and it can be turned on or off.

View the Shottish Kilts Shopping Cart, and buy a kilt while you are there!

Scottish Shopping Cart

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:31 am

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what’s he means for “It uses jah, sack and dhtml history”

Comment by Nico — January 6, 2006

Jah and sack are javascripts which utilize the XHR.

They’ve been reviewed on Ajaxian before. Do a search.

Comment by John Lambie — January 6, 2006

Anyone else notice the ? symbol inside the diamond before 9.95?

I know this is actually a Euro sign but for some reason does not appear correctly when sent via ajax. I have this problem also :(

Anyone know the solution? Is it the charset attribute?

Comment by Vito — January 8, 2006


When I first read about AJAX, I almost fell in love immediately. Now I have 2 questions:
– how could I upload a database to be ‘served’ through AJAX? For example, the kilst shown in here:

– how can I definitely solve the problem of the “back-button”?

Comment by wiangube — November 29, 2007

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