Monday, February 20th, 2006

Screencast: Data Grid as Example of Rich Ajax

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The other day, we linked to Harry Fuecks’ distinction between HTML++ (regular web app with a bit of Ajax thrown in) and Client/SOA (full-blown rich Ajax app). As I’d been discussing a similar idea (Ajax-Lite versus Ajax-Deluxe), I posted a followup.

Now Andre Charland of eBusiness Applications has chimed in with a 6-minute screencast:

When we build our AJAX UI components we try to push as far as we can.  We need you don’t always need to, but in the case you want to build a web app as interactive and fast as the one on your desktop we’re trying to help!

I’ve put together a quick (~6min) AJAX Flash demo screencast (lower bandwidth version ~25mb) to illustrate what I’m talking about. 

Take a look it’s my first screencast…so a little rough around the edges.  It was fun to put together so expect to see a lot more these on my blog.  Please send me your feedback and ideas so I can make them better!!

The screencast shows off the impressive eBusiness Grid Control, and Andre explains how it’s an example of the rich approach to Ajax.

He emphasises it’s his first screencast, so please go easy … after all, we want to see more of these from the eBusiness team :-).

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Perhaps you should mention that it is IE 6.0 only? So that excludes 50% of the target market.

Comment by Berend de Boer — February 21, 2006

The EBA Grid is IE only right now, that could be 50% of your target market. Sorry. Most of customers are large enterprises and use it behind the firewall where it’s IE only anyway. That being said we are working *very* hard to achieve FireFox compatibility by the end of April, so please stay tuned.

Yes it’s IE only Leland, and doesn’t work on a Mac at all…I never claimed it worked on Mac or Safari. We’ll get there though!

Comment by Andre Charland — February 21, 2006

Hi Andre,

Cool screencast; thanks for putting this together! (On a side note, what application did you use to create your screencast? I am tasked with making several product demos; wondering if you can recommend the app you use.)


Comment by Brian McNitt — February 21, 2006


Comment by vlados — February 21, 2006

Comment by vlados — February 21, 2006

To Brian: The webcast was done using Camtasia Studio. Their site is

Comment by Sridhar — February 22, 2006

Yup Camtasia that’s the one. Handy little tool. Really easy to use. I think Adobe (Macromedia) has a similar product as well.

Comment by Andre Charland — February 22, 2006

Great stuff. Thanks, Andre and Sridhar.

Comment by Brian McNitt — February 22, 2006

NP. Send me your sreencast when you do it.

Comment by Andre Charland — February 22, 2006

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