Saturday, November 19th, 2005 1.5 RC5

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Why are you covering an RC5 build?, I hear you ask. Well, because Thomas (and a growing team) tends to put cool features into every build :)

The latest build does more than fix a few bugs here and there, before we get to 1.5 final.

It also adds:

  • Update lib/prototype.js to Prototype 1.4.0_rc3
  • Support for various snapping options on Draggables, adresses #2826, [thx saimonmoore]
  • Support horizontal ghostable Sortables, fixes #2794, [thx johnm]
  • Correct IE detection in Autocompleter for Opera, fixes #2558 [thx gary]
  • Add onDrag callback to Draggable observers, #2827 [thx saimonmoore]
  • Added Form.Element.DelayedObserver to controls.js for live-search fields
  • Remove Element.Class in favour of Prototype Element.ClassNames, new function Element.childrenWithClassName()
  • Give currently active handle on slider the “selected” CSS class
  • Add start and end spans to slider
  • Make track clickable for sliders (moves last active handle [or first handle] to nearest possible position)
  • Make initial values on slider work for single and multiple handle sliders



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If you are using rico, be aware that this new version of requires a version of prototype (1.4) that breaks the current rico release 1.1-beta2 which uses prototype 1.3.1

Comment by Douglas Forrest — November 19, 2005

Incidentally, this version of prototype fixes an extremely annoying interaction between prototype and Deans’ IE7. Which is handy, considering that I just spent a week wondering what could be causing the error I was seeing and whether I should just give up on IE altogether..

Comment by Non-entity — November 20, 2005

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