Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 1.6 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype has a new 1.6 release that mirrows the Rails 1.1 release, just as Thomas Fuchs said it would. 1.6 marks the switch over to Prototype 1.5 (1.4 will no longer be supported), which has really great new features and has undergone some refactoring to take advantage of the Prototype 1.5 niceties.

Other new stuff includes window-scrolling while dragging, performance optimizations and various bug fixes.

To see some cool combinations of the new Prototype features with the latest 1.6 beta, see example 1 and example 2 (from the functional test suite).

Just when you catch up, they add more cool things :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:31 am

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Major props to the inplacecollectioneditor.

Comment by brian — April 5, 2006

This also was released like a week ago.

Comment by brian — April 5, 2006

Yes! I was waiting for the scroll:window. Work’s beautifully.

Comment by Paul Payne — April 5, 2006

Ha ha ha, hey guys, you could have chosen a better name.
In “spanglish” that name can be read as
In spanish: culo = ass, butt

Comment by Mario — April 5, 2006

Great – a nice update! I’m currently implement scriptaculous as a means of improved usability on Rogue Connect. Essentially it’s allowing me to provide more content, such as help notes, but only when people want them. Of course I can do that with standard javascript, but this looks so much prettier ;)

Comment by Daniel, Rogue Connect — April 5, 2006

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