Monday, October 15th, 2007 1.8 preview

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Thomas Fuchs announced a preview release of the effects library. v1.8 Preview includes:

  • Prototype 1.6 (lastest trunk version)
  • Complete rewrite of Ajax.InPlaceEditor and Ajax.InPlaceCollectionEditor
  • Full CSS inheritance in Effect.Morph
  • New core effect: Effect.Tween
  • Sound: play mp3 files for sound effects; uses native playback on IE and available plugins whereever possible
  • Performance improvements
  • Tons of bugfixes

You can find the full CHANGELOG here.

Posted by Rey Bango at 8:15 am

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Thomas blogged about the InPlaceEditor rewrite and Sound a while ago, so that doesn’t sound very new. I like the refactoring, time to move to Prototype 1.6.

Comment by Trulli — October 15, 2007

Looks like both the blog site and the main site are getting slammed with traffic. Looks like I might have to wait a day or two to be able to give it a try [sigh].

I don’t suppose anyone has a mirror set up, do they?

Comment by Rick Sarvas — October 15, 2007

@Rick: Nope, it came right up. Give it another try.

Comment by Rey Bango — October 15, 2007

I should try not to “toot my own horn” (so to speak,) but I wrote a nice JS/Flash sound API (or is it a platform :D) which might be useful alongside this library. I’d recommend the approach to Thomas at least, as JS+Flash would give developers a lot more control over sound than using embed / quicktime. Not that I mean to be overly-critical either given this prelease, what he has there thus far is quite small and practical for people who just want to play a background sound.

Comment by Scott Schiller — October 15, 2007

Yeah, I finally got it!

Comment by Rick Sarvas — October 15, 2007

I have waited for its update for a long long time. I even was wondering if was dead.

Comment by Shuo Geng — October 17, 2007

Hi i look for a scriptaculous 1.8 compressed version, anyone have this ?

Comment by samir — November 23, 2007

Firstly great news on the new release :) I’ve started using it in an effort to fix an issue I’m having.

Please forgive me for posting here but the scriptaculous wiki refuses to add my post to the discussion thread for the Ajax.InPlaceEditor. It seems as though this thread might be my last hope.

For some reason I can get it to work in Firefox and the examples shown on the wiki page work in IE, but my one doesn’t work in IE but will work in Firefox. It’s so frustrating and there is no debugging information on this page.

Here is the code that I am using…

Click me, click me!

new Ajax.InPlaceEditor(‘editme’, ‘edit.php’);

The error message I get when I click on the editable text is
“Objects doesn’t support this action”.

Firefox / Firebug shows no errors and it works perfectly.

Has anyone come across this before and if so how did you get it to work? Hope someone can help.

Once again please accept my apologies for posting in this topic :(


Comment by KJ — November 27, 2007

Sorry, forgot to use the code tags

Click me, click me!

new Ajax.InPlaceEditor('editme', 'edit.php');

Comment by KJ — November 27, 2007

ok, so your code tags dont work. I’m going to jump out the window now.

Comment by KJ — November 27, 2007

You must add real player see

Comment by macrogrand — September 5, 2008

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