Friday, June 26th, 2009

Scripty2 has landed

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Thomas Fuchs has been working in the open on scripty2 for a bit, and now the website has launched.

It even comes with nice documentation and fun demos:

What’s new in scripty2? It is a complete rewrite, and comes packaged in three parts:

scripty2 core contains the main namespace and an area for extensions to be added. It also contains helpers and the like.

scripty2 fx: The scripty2 effects framework provides for time-based transformations of DOM elements and arbitrary JavaScript objects. This is at the core of scripty2 and presents a refinement of the visual effects framework of 1.X.

scripty2 ui currently has one submodule: Utility functions for CSS parsing, color normalization and tweening.

We are doing more and more on the client, requiring nice programming models to do cool effects. Great to see one of the granddaddies of them all get a new coat.

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great! hope it goes into beta/release states soon. as a prototype/scriptaculous user i’ve been looking forward to a refresh of the API’s i use so frequently. I felt like it all went jquery for a while..

Comment by kyriakos — June 26, 2009

It was being time! The demos look good, I will save some time to play with it a bit. Kudos to Thomas! :)

Comment by icoloma — June 26, 2009

Looks very nice. One of Scriptaculous’ strong points was in my opinion that it was relatively simple to do various effects and that seems to be there.

Btw check the puzzle demo. That’s a prime example of how to not make a puzzle, it was very annoying solving it with the weird behavior of the piece you replaced :D

Comment by Jani — June 26, 2009

This puts Prototype back on the map. Nice work Thomas.

Comment by Jadet — June 26, 2009

I hate to be “that guy” but does this offer something over the other many, many other JS frameworks such as jQuery UI and mooTools?

Comment by ajaxianreader123 — June 26, 2009

The one thing that really surprised me was that the swirly mad4milk-esque background thing is done not with scripty2/prototype but rapheal… a little false Advertisement?

Comment by AWebDev — June 26, 2009

Competition makes creativity, uh? :)

Comment by OscarHiboux — June 26, 2009

You’re asking the wrong question. ScriptAculous (the same author, this is effectively just the “2.0 version of” ScriptAculous in fact) was the *way* before jQuery, in fact by several years!
So the question is “does jQuery provide something that this doesn’t”… ;)

Comment by ThomasHansen — June 26, 2009

@ajaxianreader123 You should probably just be thankful that there are so many smart people out there who will let you use their code free of charge no questions asked. Plus, it’s always better to have options!

Comment by mjuhl — June 26, 2009

I think that @ajaxianreader123 has a legitimate question. I am not at all suggesting any kind of flame war, but I have the same question. What does this new version of scripty have that is new and cool? (because I know that Thomas is so innovative and smart, he wouldn’t have released something new if if there wasn’t significant new things)
For example I really like what YUI3 is doing with DataSource, History, and Stylesheet stuff. that is new, I don’t use yui but it is cool to see so that we can get the same functionality into other libraries. when jquery 1.3 came out, i really liked Live Events, that was cool and useful, event delegation built into the library.

Its true that it is possible to do most of the same things in any of the popular libraries but it is cool to hear what is new to the ones that are coming out. So, again, the question: What is new or cool that I couldn’t do or do as well/easily as before?

Comment by ryshaw — June 26, 2009

I think the idea is that what Scripty offers that jQuery UI and mooTools don’t is Prototype compatibility. It’s supplemental, just like jQuery UI.

Comment by eyelidlessness — June 26, 2009

Scripty2 has a much better intergration with todays Prototype. Just looking at the code shows a rewrite of effect rendering with Prototype’s custom events, that’s something you don’t get with any of the other libraries mentioned, those are better compared to scripty1. The custom events alone help to write less code that makes more sense since you can place code where it should be instead of having to search through your callback and chaining overkill.

Another big difference is that effects don’t start automatically in scripty2, you’ll have to start them yourself, it should have been that way all along IMO. Having all of the Robert Penner easing equations available is also a nice bonus. I can already think of a number ways to refactor my code with this.

Comment by Jadet — June 26, 2009

This is all stuff that’s been in MooTools for ages though.

Comment by anewton — June 27, 2009

@Thomas Fuch – Great job. I am glad you’ve been able to continue your work on Scripty. I love the transition docs :D
@anewton – What’s your point ?
Moo has:
Fx.CSS (object), Fx.Tween, Fx.Morph and Fx.Transitions (~12 transitions) (MooMore – Fx.Elements, Accordion, Reveal, Scroll, Slide, SmoothScroll, Sort, and others)
Scripty2 has:
s2.css (object), s2.fx.Element, s2.fx.Heartbeat, s2.fx.Parallel, s2.fx.Scroll, s2.fx.Style, s2.fx.Morph, s2.fx.Transitions (~42 transitions), and others.
Can’t there be a framework/lib post without erm, mine-too framework trolls.
At least acknowledge the hard work Thomas has put in :D

Comment by jdalton — June 27, 2009

I’m hugely impressed by the work that Thomas Fuchs has done here. JavaScript-based animations always need to be pushed to get that extra ounce of performance and wizz-bang, I’m really glad to see Thomas bringing everyone forward. Congrats Thomas!

@ThomasHansen: Scriptaculous was released June 2005, jQuery was released January 2006. 7 months advance, not quite a few years.

Comment by JohnResig — June 27, 2009

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