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Scrybe: Online Organiser with true Offline support

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Scrybe is an on-line organiser that looks too good to be true, and some are dying to try.

Some core features are:

  • Offline Support: Go to “work offline” and it just works? It even synchronizers up when you get online again.
  • Context: It knows the context it is in.
  • Timezones: Easy to change timezones, and create secondary time zones.
  • List Transfer: Copy from excel and paste into the web app.
  • Jump Context: Drop todos onto calendar dates.
  • Thought Pad: Rich editing. Copy and paste directly from web pages.
  • Sync: paper isn’t evil, so support it.

This doesn’t do it justice though. To do that take a look at this sneak peak:

It looks so smooth. I just hope it isn’t vaporware or a joke. I also wonder if it is Flash or Ajax or both, and which technique they are using for offline support (Flash storage? local proxy? [nooo.])? something else?

Very promising indeed.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:41 am

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Amazing !

Comment by jeremie — October 21, 2006

Yeah the video looks really promissing! I am almost sure they use Flash, which could also mean they use Flex. I made this conclusion based upon the popup windows and the popup menu’s. Especially the timezone widget is really cool!

Comment by Gilles — October 21, 2006

[…] Se llama Scrybe (vía Ajaxian), y promete mucho. Todavía en fase beta cerrada, hay que esperar a recibir una invitación para probar este completísimo y elegante organizador online que puedes manejar en modo offline si fuese necesario. Mientras, en su sitio han colgado esta promo para que nos hagamos una idea casi exhasutiva: […]

Pingback by despuesdegoogle » Archivo del weblog » Ajaxorganizador online con soporte offline — October 21, 2006

The demo really is impressive. However – they are missing mail. Calendaring/notes/thoughts don’t work on their own – they are all in isolation.

That’s not how people are today. We email and IM and increasingly VOIP – and it’s while doing these things that calendaring and notes and thoughts occur.

From a design perspective there are lots of really good (bloody good) and obviously very well thought out ideas here. The interface looks extremely polished, fun, clean, simple and impotantly obvious.

I’m very much looking forward to having a go.

Comment by Ian Bradbury — October 21, 2006

[…] There seems to be a lot of buzz about Scrybe. […]

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jesus, thats amazing!

Heres me hoping that I can get a beta on this some time soon. Looks a very good product and very well made.

Comment by Matt Oakes — October 21, 2006

[…] while this all sounds (& looks) great, the best is yet to come: Scrybe promises seamless offline access, therefor overcoming current online office-apps’ major drawback. it’s not really clear how this offline mode & synchronisation will be implemented, but possible solutions would be a local desktop-application, a local proxy-server or some kind of flash storage (the latter being the most advanced & platform-independent approach – also, a commenter at Ajaxian pointed out the Scrybe is most likely a Flash/Flex-application). […]

Pingback by » Blog Archive » beta: Scrybe — October 21, 2006

I do agree that it looks almost too good to be true. I think it is using Flash, but that is just an uneducated guess/hunch. Also, I agree with the comment that this needs mail as well. Hopefully this will allow us to pull in mail from other accounts via POP because I really do not need another email address.

Comment by xxdesmus — October 21, 2006

Some of GUIs components look very similar to what Flex 2 default Halo skin offers (Date choose box, Tile list with scroller, etc). Flex applications can store up to [user choice, no more than 100 kb] data locally but there are possible tricks to increase.

So my guess it’s an Adobe Flex 2 application with JS integration (at least for user navigation history control with Back/Forward buttons).

Comment by Michael Klishin — October 21, 2006

Damn, that’s just super smooth, smooth enough that it makes it too good to be true.
If it is based on Ajax, which means heavy javascript implementation, then there’s no way to be that smooth. The smoothness after all is based on the browser and your system that you are running on. I’m running a dual core system, and my freaking office 2k3 doesn’t run as smooth as this.

Comment by Simon Jia — October 21, 2006

Props to Julien Couvreur for anticipating this with tiwy wiki

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — October 21, 2006

Scrybe looks very smooth. I can’t wait to check it out.

Comment by Stephen Glauser — October 21, 2006

[…] Scrybe Vía Ajaxian Artículos relacionados :Pon Mensajería Instantánea en tu página webAJAX patentadoLocalizador de IP con AJAXGoogle AJAX Search APIAjaxTunes Clasificado bajo:Internet / Web 2.0 Comentarios : […]

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Scrybe: Online Organiser with true Offline support

This Scrybe: Online Organiser with true Offline support looks like it might be a very interesting tool when it is available. Has a good introductory sales video too.

Trackback by 42 — October 21, 2006

[…] En Ajaxian descubro Scrybe, un organizador online, que funciona tambien offline (no se explica como..) y con opciones para imprimir todo en papel. Tiene una pinta muy buena, parece que usan Flash y lo mejor es que veaís el video, que vale mas que 1000 imagenes, no ? […]

Pingback by Tecnorantes » Scrybe, organizador offline, online y en papel — October 21, 2006

For an online/offline organizer, go to (in a browser) or for windows install

Organizer is incorporated in an smtp/pop/imap (ssl capable) email client, with chat, file/links sharing and a task collaboration with discussion forum. Can share calendar with non Komeramail users (a la Google calendar), ability to import/export calendar/contacts from/to other email clients. Most importantly, it is portable: can be stored on a USB, hard drive or on the internet.

Only email application that works in a P2P mode, that is, users can bypass the mail server if they are connected at the same time or they can use a komeraholder which acts as a mail server.

Comment by Etienne Baranshamaje — October 21, 2006

[…] “an online organiser that looks too good to be true” – Ajaxian […]

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[…] >> Ajaxian’s take on Scrybe […]

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Bells and whistles (unique new features) are easily duplicated. Google Calendar and Gamil are still in beta right?

Comment by Shawn Honnick — October 21, 2006

[…] While drinking Scotch tonight lots of people have been emailing me about Scrybe. Download Squad links to a cool video. They say “wow” and I agree. The Ajaxian blog says “looks too good to be true.” […]

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Take a look –>
they sell bathroom supplies haha
looks like they need there own server as it seems they are using a shared one

Comment by David — October 21, 2006

Scrybe is coming! Scrybe is coming!

This looks really interesting. It is amazing what people can come up with these days.
Thanks to Dion Almaer

Trackback by usmediaweb — October 21, 2006

Is this the Hypian site? I say remove the article and they can add their own logo to the list of companies that haven’t produced a product like the one in the movie. It’s a freakin movie people!! If they feel like cranking up the hype machine, let them do it somewhere else.

Oh yeah, I have my Web 3.0 interface replete with biometric bluetooth mind control. Movie at 11.

Comment by Michael — October 22, 2006

In reply to Michael Klishin’s comment above: Flex applications can store up to [user choice, no more than 100 kb] data locally but there are possible tricks to increase.

Tricks aren’t needed to increase this amount. As soon as an application attempts to use more than 100kb, Flash automatically pops up a dialog asking if you wish to increase the allowed storage space.

Comment by Michael Hart — October 22, 2006

[…] For more of the buzz, check out the following links: Robert Scoble downloadsquad” Ajaxian Techcrunch […]

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[…] Among the touted features is streamlined online/offline synchronisation and an interface that does little web 2.0 tricks. Read more here. […]

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[…] Scrybe is an on-line organiser that looks too good to be true… […]

Pingback by a blog « My first blog — October 31, 2006

How the hell could I ever watch the whole video because I was so tempted to get this stuff right away. How am I gonna sleep tonight..
simply awsome…
Working offline, it could be java applet or activeX.

Comment by Ashar — November 16, 2006

I wonder what Scrybe’s business model is. Are they hoping to be bought up by a big internet player. As far as I understand they’re offering their service for free for free — although I would probably consider paying for something like this — so where are they making their money from?

So my point is that it looks like they want to build something cool and be bought up. And if so, it would be great if it were google; that way it would work seamlessly with my gmail account.

Comment by futureScryber — January 16, 2007

Scrybe’s business model is as futureScryber indicates: vaporware hoping to be bought and developed by a real company. They only have concepts; they don’t have any deliverables and never will. I suspect that we’ll never see “scrybe,” because they probably don’t even have enough of a product to make it attractive to any legit player.

Comment by IdoubtScrybe — January 27, 2007

I just wrote a very short story in this one too, after testing it myself…. It’s simply amazing!

There is something “Apple”-ish over it…

Comment by Roar — August 26, 2007

Erm, “work offline” in the browser isn’t going to have the slightest effect on whether the Flash runtime will be working offline… it’s nice trick, some people might think that it proves the application works without a network connection, but really it doesn’t prove anything other than the .swf was loaded from the local cache…

Comment by Trick of the light — August 30, 2007

I have recently implemented “OnlineNotes” (, a free, online sharable database and personal organizer that should satisfy the most demanding users . Here is a summary of the main features:
* Database with powerful filtering and sorting functions
* Contact and link manager
* To-do list and note manager
* Email scheduler
* Social bookmarking
* Online notepad
* Record viewing as grids or maps
* Possibility to embed videos, sounds, images and slide shows
* Sharing of selected records: with no one, with specific users, with anyone (registered and unregistered)
* File upload and download
* Automatic creation of image galleries, thumbnails and slide shows
* Social network of users who share information and communicate with one another
* Search results are unique web pages indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

In there is a comparison matrix showing that OnlineNotes is functionally richer than Evernote and SpringPad.

I am offering OnlineNotes as public service or as a custom application with a dedicated database in a user-owned domain.

Please take a look at it and post your comments and questions here and/or send them to me by means of the OnlineNotes “contact” page.

Bruno Cancellieri

Comment by bruno1949 — June 9, 2010

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