Monday, November 21st, 2005

Search Engine Experiment: Single Page App

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The Search Engine Experiment is a great idea. It searches Google, Yahoo!, and MSN in parallel, for the purpose of having you rank relevance (not to use it as a multiple search engine, there are plenty of those).

You get the results back, not knowing which match to a particular engine, and you select which results seem most relevant to you. Then the site will tell you which engine you chose.

What is interesting from an Ajax perspective is that this is a one page application.

When you do a search, it kicks off Ajax requests to the three mystery search engines, puts the results lower in the page, and sends you to the #step2 anchor. At first you may even feel like you are on another page!

Then after you choose the most relevant results, step three gets build in the page.

To do another search you just move up to the search bar again.

The look and feel is also great. Nice big buttons and inputs. Maybe that should be added to the Web 2.0 definition? “Must have big buttons” :)


Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:16 am

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This isn’t supposed to be a web search engine – it’s supposed to be an anonymous survey designed to evaluate the relevancy of the three major search engines. It even explicitly says that – it’s NOT meant to be a search engine!!!!!

Comment by Logan Kriete — November 21, 2005

Hi Logan,

Sorry, I assumed people wouldn’t think that this is to be used as a search engine. I thought the experiment was obvious (there are lots of sites that will do real searches on multiple engines if you really want that). Getting back 3 links from the different engines isn’t that helpful ;)

I changed the post to make this explicit though, thanks.


Comment by Dion Almaer — November 21, 2005

Quote: “kicks off Ajax requests to the three mystery search engines”

Ajax can only kick off requests to the server it came from, so I am quite sure it is *not* kicking off requests to some search engines…

Comment by Eddy — November 22, 2005

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