Monday, February 19th, 2007

Section 508 under revision

Category: Accessibility

Joe Hanink let us know that Section 508 is under revision via the W3C Roadmap for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA).

As a developer of Rich webapps, Section 508 compliance is a concern since its most recent update occurred in 2001. I am awaiting feedback from on whether there will be any provisioning for transitional compliance for webapps built after the announcement but before the new rules take effect.

The w3c WAI-ARIA draft indicates what mechanisms will be standardized to allow webapps to communicate semantic details to API driven screen readers, but there I’ve been unable to find any public information about the specifics of the new 508 rules.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:41 am

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Comment by foo — March 2, 2007

Just to brief about AJAX and 508… While they are revising the standards for clarity, AJAX isn’t “OK” as-is, unless it can be demonstrated that it meets the Functional Performance Criteria 1194.31. The issue that’s being revisited is clarifying a “technical” standard. Right now, AJAX falls in a category requiring “equivalent facilitation” 36 CFR 1194.5, since this technical approach was not around during the first issuance of the requirements. As per 508, the measurement of 508 is “Functional Performance Criteria”. This means, while the technical standards are not available, in order for you to use this technology, YOU HAVE TO FIGURE ACCESSIBILITY OUT… It MUST WORK for “blind, low-vision, deaf, hard-of-hearing, speechless(mute), and motor-skill disabilities OR support their assistive technologies.

Comment by Jmyers — July 10, 2007

Can you please post any feedback you get right here? Thanks

Comment by SlackAlice — September 13, 2007

I completely agree with foo, this needs some additional thought and work.

Comment by The Chauffeur — September 29, 2007

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