Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

See beauty in the Kaleidoscope

Category: Utility

Sofa love to create beautiful things. They worked on Aristo, the the open source theme that came from Cappuccino, but has also been picked up by jQuery UI and others.

This time around Sofa has created a simple purpose Mac application called Kaleidoscope that allows you to visualize diffs for both text docs and images.

The Website for this tool is so well done, that I feel compelled to click buy even before downloading the free 30 day demo :)

With Image Scope, you get a tool that can enable some BrowserLab-esque work, as well as diffing any old images.

With Text Scope, you get a nice looking diff viewer that integrates with your VCS workflow.

Nice work on creating something that you *want* to use guys.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:17 pm

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I’m waiting for a diff on layered Photoshop files.

Comment by cancelbubble — June 2, 2010

Looks pretty, but $35 for a graphical diff app is pretty steep. (And that’s the introductory price.) Maybe if I did more image editing I’d feel differently.

Comment by unfletch — June 2, 2010

Am I the only one who remembers when a Mac application called Kaleidoscope was for theming? Man some of those themes were hideous!

Comment by eyelidlessness — June 3, 2010

It doesn’t seem better than “Kompare”…

Comment by drasill — June 3, 2010

Very pretty site, though for some reason the background spotlight effect doesn’t work on Chrome Dev. Works on Firefox though

Comment by Amtiskaw — June 3, 2010

Very nice app indeed. For text comparison I would like to se 1) folder compare and 2) direct realtime editing of texts inside the app. If they add these features, like they are already available in DiffMerge, it would be the perfect comparison app :)

Comment by perenzo — June 3, 2010

Hey Dion,

Thanks for the nice words about our app :)

@eyelidlessness: Yes, that app was awesome. I set up a virtual OS 9 box just a couple of months ago just to play with it again and take some screenshots. Man, those themes were crazy.

– Dirk

Comment by dirkstoop — June 3, 2010

They have a really nice use of -webkit-mask-box-image and css3 transforms with the the logo on

Here are the image sources they used along with it

Comment by PaulIrish — June 3, 2010

see also Araxis Merge @

Comment by Ilidio — June 4, 2010

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