Thursday, January 19th, 2006

SELECT box fixed in IE 7

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Ah the annoying problems with <select> elements in IE. Nothing drives you nuts like having selects ignoring z-index and the like, and making your apps look ugly.

Well, it seems that one good thing in IE 7 is that they are fixing these problems, and moving from using the select boxes via Shell, and into MSHTML instead.

Our team has been working on the Intrinsic Controls of IE in the past year. Among these controls, the SELECT element has been greatly improved. IE6’s SELECT element didn’t support certain properties, like z-index, title, and zoom. In IE7, we have re-worked the SELECT element. This new version has features and fixes that will make IE7 a better user experience. This is work that has long been requested by web developers and it is certainly something that should have been addressed in past releases. In IE7 the work on the SELECT element along with our work on CSS is part of our focus to supply web developers with a consistent platform for great web solutions.

We are continuing to refine the Windowless SELECT elements and we are very proud of it. This should make web and application developers happier since this will allow them to have the Select control perform Z-order and Zoom the way it was intended to without elaborate workarounds and hacks. If you were one of those people relying on the Windowed Select element in your code, you should be aware of this change so as to make sure your sites and applications continue to work with IE7.

In IE7, we have taken a feature (SELECT element) that every internet user has run into in some form or another and made it work better for everyone. We did this without introducing new user behaviors or specific programmatic alterations that would force thousands of web developers to have to change their sites. Essentially, if it worked in IE6, it should work the same or even better in IE7.

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10 years later… and they still have the audacity to write about it like it was a tremendous high tech think. “See how we’re smart? We make it work!”.

Comment by Jose — January 19, 2006

It is not news anymore. It is old things that MICROSOFT NEED TO FIX LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO. instead we are the one that fixing/clever enough to work around their bugs.

Comment by Steve — January 19, 2006

“10 years later… and they still have the audacity to write about it like it was a tremendous high tech think. “See how we’re smart? We make it work!â€?.”

LOL!!! This is the funniest thing I’ve read today! and you are sooo right!
Yes thank you Microsoft for fixing something you should’ve fixed a DECADE ago!

Kind(ish) Regards,


Comment by Ryan G — January 19, 2006

IE was 10 years ahead of its competitor. And even now it is easier to develop web applications in IE than it is in FF. Trust me.

Sure IE has its problems and sure they should have fixed those earlier. But it took us, developers, almost 10 years to start to realize the potential that was already available in IE5.0!

Besides, all IE problems can be circumvented. This particular one needs an iframe… I know, it’s not pretty, but it can be done.

IE == Ajax. A big applause for IE please.

Comment by Lon — January 19, 2006

trust me …
ha ha

Comment by Simon G — January 19, 2006

Lon has a point though. IE has a lot of proprietary stuff which is really necessary if you want to make a good web app. Just look at the WHAT WG who are just now starting to standardise what IE has been doing since version 5, just so that other browsers can support it as well.

ContentEditable? Being specified. XHR? Being specified.

Okay, sometimes IE has the weirdest bugs. And I prefer coding for Firefox because of that. But Firefox is only now catching up.

Comment by Mark Wubben — January 19, 2006

P.S. Could I have my paragraphs pretty pretty please please? :)

Comment by Mark Wubben — January 19, 2006

Well I guess it’s easier to develop for IE if you go for its proprietary features…. But if you would like your website to work on most of browsers, then no, “trust me”, you wouldn’t use IE to run your first tests.
Now, are we going to have to check the version of IE (6 or 7?) to know if we have to use our workarounds or not?

Comment by Satane — January 19, 2006

Finally… I remember having to explain that we weren’t responsible for this bug years ago.

Comment by Edward Ho — January 19, 2006

Satane, in the past this wasn’t a problem. If you needed XML stuff, IE was the only way. Only now is this becoming a problem and you need to think about cross-browser issues. You have to take a more detached approach to deal with different implementations, and you can’t just develop for IE and hope it’ll work out for the rest.

Comment by Mark Wubben — January 20, 2006

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