Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Selenium IDE 0.7 Released

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Patrick Lightbody just posted about the release of Selenium IDE, the Firefox plugin which allows you to drive functional tests of your web application.

This Firefox plugin is the best way to get started with web application testing. It is 100% functional by itself, or it can be used in combination with Selenium and any of the language (Java, Ruby, etc) drivers, provided you are willing to write the output template.

You can check out a movie of Selenium IDE in action

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:50 am

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Holy crap, that really looks cool.

Comment by Hermann Klinke — February 7, 2006

How in the world did I miss this for so long? I am checking this out tonight as soon as I get home.

Comment by Dewayne Mikkelson — February 7, 2006

I hope this new edition does not incorporate the pop up that registers the bugs separately.Great to have it within the same document flow.

Comment by Alex — February 8, 2006

My trackback didn’t work, but it was a short post anyways. I think you can tell the basic idea from the title of the post OMG WTF SWEET! An IDE for automated in-browser testing with Selenium

Comment by Tim Connor — February 8, 2006

Selenium IDE


剛剛看到一篇文章,介紹有一個好用的工具�� Selenium IDE 的,它是以 Firefox extension 型�執行的,�以記錄下你的動作,事後�來分� (replay 或是 step by step 之類皅

Trackback by 國生三年æ‰?開始 — February 10, 2006

Is it possible to run many tests in a row. I cant find a way to queue tests. I have a large web app with about 100 tests already made for it, but i have to run them one by one manually.

Comment by Mik — June 14, 2006

Mik, you can use Selenium-core to group a set of tests into a suite to run as a batch.

The documentation is difficult to navigate…

Comment by Jon Lesser — July 3, 2006

Hello everyone,

I am testing a Vignette Portal Application. How do I use selenium IDE for catching any exception…like 404, Channel not Enabled or Access restrictons. Please give a mock demo. Any help is appreciated.

Comment by Gaurav Krishna Upadhyaya — July 16, 2006

I am trying to use Selenium IDE to test a web application that includes a file download and upload. Both result in pop-up boxes. I tried simply recording my actions, but on playback the script gets stuck on clicking “OK” on the file download pop-up box. Does anyone know how to work around this limitation (i.e how to get Selenium to record and repeat actions taken on Firefox pop-up boxes)?

Comment by Lynwood Hines — July 21, 2006

Hi Lynwood,

please follow this url http://forums.openqa.org/thread.jspa?threadID=2966&messageID=8136#8136. Hope it helps.

Please let me know if it helps, I am facing a similar issue but couldn’t understand the fix. Please share with me the fix for popup.


Comment by Gaurav Krishna Upadhyaya — July 26, 2006

Hi All,

RE: Selenium and pop-up windows and storeAllWindowIds

I am having problems with accessing popup windows and I am not savvy enough with javascript yet to start altering the user-extension.js

My work around is to use the ‘storeAllWindowIds’ command. This will give me the window Id of the pop-up in an ‘array type’ variable I name.

The problem is that I can not access the elements of this array individually in selenese i.e. I can’t extract a single window Id from the list of window ids in the variable populated by the ‘storeAllWindowIds’ command.

Is there a way to access the individual window IDs in the variable created by the ‘storeAllWindowIds’ command? (selenese prefered, javascript if I must)

Comment by Markus — September 10, 2006

why is’nt the IDE compatible for IE based application recording :(

Comment by Samant — December 10, 2006

Hi Gaurav,

I looked at the discussion you pointed me to; it appears to be about a different issue than I’m struggling with. I am not running into a permissions problem. It appears that Selenium cannot control aspects of the browser outside of the HTML-based elements. In my case, when I click on a link that starts a download, a window to confirm the download is presented by the browser. There is no HTML behind this window; it’s conceptually similar to the menu bar at the top of the browser. It’s part of the browser application, not part of the “web” experience.

In most cases this is fine because I want to use Selenium to test a web application, NOT test browser functionality. But file download confirmation boxes are on the fuzzy line between where the web app ends and the browser begins. I would find Selenium considerably more useful for testing my web app if it was capable of clicking “ok” on the file download confirmation box.

Comment by Lynwood Hines — December 12, 2006

RE: Selenium and pop-up windows and storeAllWindowIds

Markus. Have you tried clicking on the pop-up window in record mode? It should bring up the waitForPopUp command and the selectWindow command with the target value equaling the of the popup object. Also note the close command does not need the object name in the target value to close the popup. But I have not been able to get array values back out, so if anyone has any tips, please pass them along. :)

As for O/S based dialog boxes, Lynwood, I have tried a couple of things, and have been unsuccessful.

Comment by Virgil Lasaga — January 12, 2007

Virgil, thanks for the feedback. The inability of Selenium to click “ok” on a browser-generated popup window is still a major issue for me. It makes it impossible (for me anyway) to use Selenium to test web applications that involve file downloads.

Comment by Lynwood Hines — January 18, 2007

I am new to Selenium and am trying to evaluate it for our application. I would appreciate it if someone could guide me towards Ajax testing via the Selenium IDE? I tried using the web application in the IDE… but for my AJAX elements I end up with an error. How do I resolve this?


Comment by Snigdha — August 7, 2007


I want to know how can i add loops in Selenium IDE ?

Also if i am searching in a database then how can i verify that the result fullfills the requirements i have specified for the search ???
Akash Dhoundiyal

Comment by Akash Dhoundiyal — September 18, 2007

Hello! Is there a way to click ok button on alert window on selenium?

Comment by freelancer — August 20, 2008

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