Friday, April 18th, 2008

SEO Rapper Friday

Category: Fun

Oh man, even for a Friday this is pretty low… but what the hell, this is the Internet damn it!

It starts with:

The site design is the first thing that people see
It should be reflective of you in the industry
Easy to look at with a nice navigation
When they can't find what they want it causes frustration
A clear call to action to improve the temptation
Use appealing graphics that create motivation
If you have animation please use in moderation
Cause search engines can't index the information

and then my favourite part:

Do your layout with divs, make sure that they are aligned
Please don't use tables even though they work fine
when it comes to indexing it gives search a hard time

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:58 am

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YouTube’s blocked here. Anyone got an alternate link?

Comment by dave1010 — April 18, 2008


Comment by Aimos — April 18, 2008


Comment by postream — April 18, 2008

That is amazing…. the rest of his videos are pretty good too.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — April 18, 2008

Don't use bold, please use strong
because if you use bold, that's old and wrong

Comment by henrah — April 18, 2008

I’ve been showing this to all my friends for weeks. It is simply brilliant.

Comment by iMarc — April 18, 2008

LOL, i love it!

Comment by starkraving — April 18, 2008

when you use CSS, you page will load quicker
client satisfied like they eating on a snicker
they stuck on your page like you made it with a sticker

Comment by tj111 — April 18, 2008

You can’t forget MC++ :
A little harsher and perhaps not child friendly, but his albums of “chip hop” can be quite amusing.

Comment by Jon Hartmann — April 18, 2008

lol, awesome.

Comment by MezZzeR — April 18, 2008

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing :)

hebussanm, there’s a transcript under ‘more info’.


Comment by inspirewithhope — April 21, 2008

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