Monday, January 15th, 2007

ShackPrices: Rails based Ajax real estate site

Category: Mapping, Ruby, Showcase

ShackPrices is a Seattle-area real estate Ajax application written using Rails by Galen Ward and team.

If you do real estate, you need to mashup to Google Maps, but this goes beyond that. It is highly interactive, with lots of live filters and tools, and the back button seems to be handled really well.


Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:23 am

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Comment by 8lights — January 15, 2007

very nice. I donno about calling them shacks. But its simple name very clean design. Seems to work well. Is responsive. Now if it would work on more states 8).

Comment by Mario — January 15, 2007

very nice website… i like.

Comment by Dougal Matthews — January 15, 2007


Nice site! And some really helpful information there. I’m sorry for beeing a little off-topic, but I want to ask you about the design of this site. Did you make this template yourself or got from any templates website? I am using joomla myself, but want something better..

Comment by Lars Jensen — July 31, 2007

Does the application apply only for the Seattle area, or is it also applicable to other cities and states as well? Would like to hear if someone have succesfully used it outside Seattle.


Comment by Andrew — August 13, 2007

I believe it’s only applicable to the Seattle area. I may be wrong though. But at least that’s the impression I’m getting.

Comment by Josh — September 10, 2007

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