Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Sharing and creating HTML and CSS templates

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There are a slew of HTML/CSS design sharing template sites out there. What if there was a manifest that defined what they had, and tools could work with that so you could import repositories.

That is the vision that Daniel Glazman had when just created the HTML+CSS Templates Manifest 1.0 CC licensed spec.

You would end up with a file that looks like the example:

  1. <templates xmlns="">
  2.   <template shortname="aFarewellToColor">
  3.     <title xml:lang="en">A Farewell to Color</title>
  4.     <description xml:lang="en">
  5.       <p>Remember the early days when the Internet was all black and white,
  6.          this is a throwback to those days. In all seriousness, I made this
  7.          template because it was based on an earlier design that many found
  8.          useful. Plus I've always had a thing for creating designs on the web
  9.          with zero color, I guess it is an 'off the beaten path type deal'.</p>
  10.       <p>I should also mention that this template has some updates (err...
  11.          advantages) over the previous designs... this one uses h1 and h2
  12.          tags in the header for better SEO results, and has new image
  13.          rollovers for the navigation.</p>
  14.     </description>
  16.     <author>Bryant Smith</author>
  17.     <version>1.0</version>
  19.     <!-- the following URL does not exist (yet) -->
  20.     <license></license>
  21.     <website></website>
  22.     <support>,com_alfcontact/Itemid,55/</support>
  23.     <demo></demo>
  25.     <thumbnail></thumbnail>
  27.     <package></package>
  28.     <path>index.html</path>
  29.     <size>228275</size>
  31.     <tags>gray,menus</tags>
  32.     <format>xhtml</format>
  33.     <width>750px</width>
  34.     <columns>1</columns>
  35.     <sidebars>0</sidebars>
  36.     <direction>ltr</direction>
  37.   </template>
  38. </templates>

And, if you are into design, the OmniGraffle wireframe stencils have been updated!

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Well, I have a better idea. Why not go with HTML+CSS parts / slices that are modularized mini-templates / mini-designs and release them in the favor of interoperability for users to freely create complete templates / designs out of them.

Comment by YangYang — January 9, 2009

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