Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

Showcase: Image Panning and Dragging

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Michal Migurski has put up a Giant-Ass Image Viewer showcase, which shows how to pan and scan a la Google Maps.

This is a draggable, zoomable satellite mosaic of Antarctica that Eric found. (This space used to have a print from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur, but the current image is 4x larger) Please use Mozilla, Opera or Safari to view. I’m getting closer to getting this working in IE, mostly by accident – as soon as I have a chance to see why IE complains about killing the onmousemove handler, it’ll be pretty much done.

It doesn’t seem too happy when it comes to clicking and such, so it moves around like crazy sometimes.

There is a python script that takes the roll of splitting up the main image into the small square pieces that get painted.

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Ah, and the second version also works in IE 6.

Comment by Dan Allen — January 28, 2006

Can someone give me the link which I can use to download GSV2. Cos I do not see any download link in Mojavelinux website

Comment by CallMekarthik — September 12, 2008

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