Friday, May 27th, 2005

Showcase: TIBCO shows their library / toolkit / IDE to Jon Udell

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Jon Udell of Infoworld has been publishing some very interesting screencases. His latest consists of TIBCO showing off a rich Ajaxian library / toolkit / IDE.

The IDE (or Visual Authoring Toolkit) eats their dog food, as it is built on their library itself.

As you watch the screencast, I think you will be impressed at how rich it is, and how responsive the browser base tool is. I would bet that many people would assume that this wasn’t JavaScript ;)

There is a LOT of drag and drop support going on here. Very impressive indeed. As Jon puts it:

“You have really done some rocket science here”

Their entire SOAP stack was written in JavaScript :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:17 am

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This is completely ridiculous. Really amazing. It’s astounding to me what some people can do with Javascript. So, how do we get our hands on it? :)

Comment by bill — May 27, 2005

This is amazing. Their literature also states that they can run offline:

Comment by Robert McIntosh — May 27, 2005

That looks extremely impressive. JavaScript rules.

Comment by Dean Edwards — May 27, 2005

You see reference to InfoWorld columnist Jon Udell’s blog and recording of the AJAX tool called General Interface. Here’s the link:

In case you are interested, we (TIBCO) are hosting a free-to-attend AJAX/RIA webinar with the leading Gartner analyst covering rich internet applications. We will also be showing a demonstration and have an opportunity to answer attendees direct questions. Here’s the link to register:

Comment by Scott Fingerhut — June 11, 2005

Get your hands on the next version of TIBCO General Interface before it’s released at the TIBCO General Interface Developer Community @ Beta 2 of the next version (3.1) of the software will be available for download on 10/24/2005.

Comment by Kevin Hakman — October 19, 2005

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