Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Silly canvas: throwing tomatoes at Britney

Category: Canvas, Fun

At our talk on the State of Ajax, a few minutes before hand we were asked to code up a simple canvas example on the fly and we came up with a very silly example indeed…. and is only fitting for a Friday.

We created the ability to throw tomatoes, or paintball, Britney Spears.

Throw tomatoes at Britney Spears

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:42 am

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damit it. i didn’t expect her name to apear right here. funny you :)

Comment by britneyfreek — March 23, 2007

Damn this is so inapropriate… We shouldn’t be making fun of this wrecked person and there are zounds of better ideas what to do with the canvas feature… Total waste of time!

Comment by .mario — March 23, 2007

I agree with .mario, this was just stupid, time to remove the Ajaxian bookmark/rss.

Comment by Mark — March 23, 2007

poor britney :-(

Comment by kenji — March 23, 2007

Is this what they call “jump the shark”?

Comment by scriptkiddie — March 23, 2007

Wow, what a great idea. What a great use of canvas.

Just to be contrarian.

I wonder the amount of time it took to make this demo. Less then 20 mins would be my wager.

Comment by daniel — March 23, 2007

I will never visit this web site again.

Comment by Giggle Platypus — March 23, 2007

Wow, backlash!

Comment by Sam — March 23, 2007

I feel like the tag came out of no where. I first noticed it in Yahoo Pipes, and now I read about it everywhere.

Comment by Howard Rauscher — March 23, 2007

canvas tag that is (it got filtered out)

Comment by Howard Rauscher — March 23, 2007

for gods sake people its a joke. why being loyal to an over rated pop wreck anyway? what has she done for you?

Comment by Matt Oakes — March 23, 2007

it’d be more funny if she was sitting on a trap door over a shark tank and you had to hit a target in order to make it open ^^

Comment by Andy — March 24, 2007

sorry but i really don’t think this is news worthy, nor inovative in anyway.

all it is, is a picture of a crazy person, and some red dots from canvas.. nothing new, nothing entertaining, nothing important… sorry

Comment by jaimz — March 24, 2007

It’s not really funny to put a ugly woman in a canvas… Why didn’t you use a picture of Bill Gates?

Comment by Albert Peschar — March 25, 2007

Like I said earlier, I will never visit this web site again.

Comment by Giggle Platypus — March 25, 2007

damn the alarms just went off on the content filter. I’s in trouble now!

Comment by ConfusedOne — March 26, 2007

It’s not about being loyal. It’s about being a better person and not kicking people when they are down. In her prime I would of been the first to throw a tomatoe but now she is just a very messed up person. Leave her be, there are much more deserving currently overrated and talentless pop stars that deserve a fresh tomatoe.

Comment by Gary — March 26, 2007

Just to reiterate, I will never visit this web site again.

Comment by Giggle Platypus — March 27, 2007

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