Friday, November 16th, 2007

Silverlight Minesweeper

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Game Friday is here, and it was time to showcase a Silverlight one. This time we have a Silverlight 1.1 version of Minesweeper, with full source code to check out.

Where is Silver Scrabulous?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:12 am

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This might be interesting, but I was never able to get Silverlight working on my PC in any other browser than IE. Not in Firefox or Opera, even though they tell you they support Firefox. As long as it doesn’t work in any other browser than IE, I won’t deem it worthy for my time. Why use Silverlight when you could use ActiveX? Bah! :P

Comment by Jani — November 16, 2007

100% supported by Firefox!

Great game made new way :)

Comment by ajaxus — November 16, 2007

When I install Silverlight like it asks me to do I get to install 1.0. The game requires 1.1. Stupid.

Comment by erlando — November 16, 2007

You’ll have to get the alpha here:

Comment by Jonathan Bond-Caron — November 16, 2007

Couldn’t install it on my computer with out restarting. Plugins no matter how awesome the performance and animations capabilities are always going to lose to the Open Web (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Comment by Bob Buffone — November 17, 2007

Microsoft? Open Source?

Comment by Web Design NY — November 17, 2007

What makes a technology “Open Web”? Seems to me that you think any technology that comes bundled with most browsers in 2007 (e.g. the Javascript engine) is Open Web, but all other tech (e.g. Silverlight) isn’t.
By that reasoning it seems a bad idea to use the word “always”. I hear Microsoft is fairly decent at getting OEMs to bundle MS software.

Comment by Travis Wilson — November 18, 2007

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