Friday, October 19th, 2007

SilverStripe 2.1: New Ajax Modules

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Sigurd Magnusson of the SilverStripe opensource CMS application pinged us about the SilverStripe 2.1 release which features:

NOTE: SilverStripe is one of the finalists of the PacktPub open source CMS.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:26 am

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go silverstrip! :D

Comment by Byron — October 19, 2007

painfully slow…

Comment by david — October 19, 2007

The gallery demo pictured in the article is an example of LightWindow ( ) …is some part of the pictured demo related to SilverStripe?

Comment by jtheis — October 19, 2007

That was veryyyyyyy slow

Comment by justin — October 19, 2007

Gallery modules uses lightwindow, good spotting. The pictured demo is a direct screenshot of SilverStripe’s gallery module. See the tour link which Dion gave;

Re slowness, we’re literally in the process of moving off a shared host (there are 100 or so websites on that server). See for an example of speed; that is currently on our newer server.

Details on our blog at;

For a little more background info you can certainly check out a 15min interview at

Comment by Sigurd Magnusson — October 19, 2007

very nice indeed, beauty and light.

Comment by Beauty natural — October 19, 2007

You’ll be glad to know is now running on the new server. So bring on the hordes of traffic, now :)

Comment by Sigurd Magnusson — October 22, 2007

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