Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

SilverStripe CMS

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SilverStripe is an opensource CMS from Wellington, NZ.

The admin piece is built using Prototype, Scriptaculous and the TinyMCE rich text editor. It uses Object Oriented PHP5 and talks to MySQL backend.

There is a nice feel to using the explorer interface to manage files (e.g. hit rearrange and you can drag and drop), and then seeing your site in preview mode. A really nice touch is being able to see your site in draft, and compare it to the published version.

Silver Stripe

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:48 am

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Check, which offers you much more power but ask for much lower price.

Comment by Tony Y. — February 14, 2007

“much lower cost”? SilverStripe is a free, open source (BSD) download!

Comment by Siggy — February 14, 2007

Haha, someones making some pretty big assumptions there tony..


Comment by Simon — February 14, 2007

he is spamming…he made the same suggestion on a completely unrelated article also.

Comment by Justin — February 14, 2007

Now that the article posting is fixed, maybe we can lobby for a function to allow us to “vote down” these posts, so they display as hidden.

Comment by Mike Ritchie — February 14, 2007

I didn’t visit Tony Y.’s site, and I’m not going to, but checked it out with whois. The domain has only just been registered. Probably some scam.

Comment by Andrea — February 14, 2007

Used Silverstripe a bit, switched from Joomla and very happy we did. As they are fellow wellingtonains, we have the joy of getting some first hand looks at Silverstripe as well… it rocks!

Comment by Natalie Ferguson — February 14, 2007

I too have used it, it’s great! Started using it for all client’s websites by default now. I find it much easier to understand than the likes of Joomla…

Comment by James Nisbet — February 14, 2007

I have been looking for a easy to use CMS for creating simple content based websites myself. 2 things that I couldn’t figure out in SilverStripe:
1. How to create a template and apply it on the site. There is nothing in the demo to do the same.
2. Is there any support for workflow management? i.e. one guy writes content and submits for approval and the second guy approves it and then the content goes live.


Comment by Sanjay Goel — February 22, 2007

Your point in #1 is true with the demo; it is an idea to leave to the wider SilverStripe developer community but for the past 5 years we have used rich IDEs to edit templates and “configuration” files.

SilverStripe templates are essentially static, valid XHTML with a few tags inserted (rather than restrictive files that you try to bash in the head to look like what you want). Configuration files are PHP Objects; you use your PHP knowledge in a way similar to Cake.

Read Tutorial 1 at to get an idea of this.

Workflow management: yes; in the Security model you can set groups to to be SilverStripe Users which doesn’t give them the “Publish” button, and you can set up email notification to the publishers.

Feel free to email me directly email me at so that the conversation goes more quickly :)

Comment by Siggy — February 23, 2007

I’d appreciate anyone’s thoughts on the AJAX/PHP CMS I’ve just published. It’s not free, at GBP100, but it’s extremely quick to use to make a client-updatable site. We’ll have some demo videos up in the next week. All feedback welcome. Cheers.

Comment by Ben Hunt — April 20, 2007

As someone who has worked on the CMS produced by “CMS from scratch” in Ben’s post above. Obviously I full endorse its use, but I would like to tell you why its brilliant.

Every system has its floors, no arguing here. I mean even the Linux OS has bugs. So the CMS is great because like Linux the turn around time for bug fixes is speedy and the company provide free support to anyone using their CMS.

However Linux is bulky and hard for the average user to use, this is where the CMS is better because it has a simple interface that anyone can pick up the most advanced of its features in about five minutes.

As having built several sites on the CMS I can tell you that it isn’t a hindrance to make it on the CMS as most developers find that CMS’s are either to advanced or hold you back, it can bring the right amount of level to you.

This makes it a great tool for developers to resell, because the end user loves its inviting looks and simplicity but the advanced developer can set up the CMS no fuss and develop at their own level.

I hope that might help you in understanding why I like it so much.

Comment by Jonathan Schultz — May 15, 2007

My future CMS. I”ll wait until the release of bilingual feature. From the demo, its simple & easy to use. Great cms for now

Comment by gauz — August 31, 2007

SilverStripe is a very nice CMS. Great to handle, easy use for costumers.

Comment by AdvertBanner — May 25, 2008

Uploading silverstripe onto my server now. I run over 70 websites related to london airport transfers and taxi ‘niche’ and went through several CMS systems including drupal, joomla, typo3 etc… but still keep looking for THE ONE dedicated for a fairly simple designs with ‘friendly urls’ and ‘wordpress’ style, easy for an avarege windows user back end to put some new content on. Silverstripe (after a glance) seems to be a good candidate to become THE CMS for my projects. Still uploading I cannot wait to install it and start testing out. Regards from London, UK

Comment by airportlinklondon — February 5, 2010

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