Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Simple Ajax Quiz using Atlas

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Been wondering how to get Atlas and Ajax to play nicely together, but just don’t know how to get started? Well, this quick tutorial might be a good place to start. They show (complete with code) how to create a simple quiz for your site.

As my first article on Code Project, I’d like to talk about a little proof of concept I created around AJAX/Atlas techologies. When I saw this screencast, I thought it could be easily used for a simple AJAX quiz system, so here I am :) Code is really simple and there’s no error management, but maybe later I’ll update this code to create a more complete solution.

Of course, you’ll need Atlas installed and some sort of database (they chose SQL Server for ease) to hold the questions, but the rest is all up to the code you enter. They step you through the creation of the tables, the actual markup to generate the page, the web service to handle the user’s response, and, finally, the Javascript code to make it all work.

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Have you seen local.live.com, or http://www.live.com? It’s only a matter of time.

Comment by Reid — August 1, 2006

That site is exactly what I’m speaking about..if that’s the best they can do, they might as well get out of the businessm because they have nothing.

Comment by Mikael Bergkvist — August 2, 2006

Although I agree that Microsoft’s attempt to create a Google-like search engine is lame and futile I fail to see the connection to Atlas here. Atlas is used to create callbacks instead of postbacks giving the user a much richer working experience and eliminating those annoying flickerings in your screen when the browser reloads the page. Atlas can’t be used to create a better search engine, at best it can create a better user interface but that has nothing to do with the code that provides the data (aka the search engine itself).
I’ve been playing with Atlas now for 2 hours (actually just watched a video of 15min which explained plain and simple some functions) and can now create a much nicer user interface to my websites.

You place a scriptmanager at the top of your page, place an Updatepanel and ContentTemplate around the bit of code you want to update dynamically, add the trigger (you can select the object in ControlID, for example to have a dropdownlist box as a trigger you place the name of your ddl in the ControlID and set PropertyName=”SelectedValue” so that if the SelectedValue of your ddl changes, the content between the ContentTemplate gets updated. It’s that easy!
Now your content get’s updated when the selected value of your dropdownlist changes without that annoying page reload. It’s the best thing to happen webdevelopers since the introduction of ASP.NET 2.0 (unless you’ve been playing with AJAX pre- .NET2.0 of course).

Comment by Kevin — August 7, 2006

Atlas is lovable tool.
we are using this tool from past 1 year. we have started using in our project from the day this tool was introduced by Microsoft.
There are latest version of this tool which is been released recently. and we have used that also.
We are using this tool with VS2005.
I simply love it.

Comment by Labhesh — January 27, 2007

Me to. We are using this tool with VS2005.

Comment by Toas — June 21, 2008

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